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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says America 'was never that great'

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said America "was never that great" during a speech on Wednesday, drawing criticism from President Donald Trump and the Republican looking to unseat him in November. More>>

Rep. Brenda Lawrence to Trump: 'Shame on you' for Omarosa comments

Rep. Brenda Lawrence offered a highly personal rebuke of President Donald Trump for his public feud with former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, which had reached a new level a day before when the President referred to the... More>>

Trump revokes ex-CIA director John Brennan's security clearance

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he has revoked former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance, marking an unprecedented use of a president's authority over the classification system to strike back at one... More>>

GOP senator: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan a 'butthead' who doesn't need a security clearance

Sen. John Kennedy defended President Donald Trump's decision to revoke John Brennan's security clearance and called the former CIA director a "butthead" who doesn't need the clearance. More>>

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner sues Colorado governor, claiming religious 'persecution'

The Colorado baker who became a national figure after he refused to bake a custom cake to celebrate the marriage of a same-sex couple due to a religious objection and won at the Supreme Court is wading into another legal... More>>

Jury set to begin deliberations in Paul Manafort trial

Jurors are set to begin deliberating Thursday morning whether to convict President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort of bank fraud and tax evasion. More>>

The Democratic wave is growing

With Labor Day rapidly approaching, one thing is becoming clear: All signs point to the Democratic wave growing rather than shrinking in the final weeks of the 2018 election. More>>

Pelosi pulls in staggering sums for Dems despite facing opposition in the ranks

A number of Democrats running for the House have shunned Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi -- but they may have to thank her for their seats if they win this fall. More>>

Democrat who challenged GOP congressman said he was hacked

A former US House candidate in California told CNN on Wednesday that his campaign to unseat Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was hacked, the latest example of alleged cyberattacks interfering with US elections. More>>

White House will 'try to diversify' staff, Sarah Sanders says

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined on Wednesday to say how many African-Americans work at the White House, but said the White House is "going to continue to try to diversify this staff." More>>

Paul Ryan: Trump is just 'trolling' people with threat to strip security clearances

Editor's note: This story originally published on July 24. More>>

Senate report finds issues with Trump administration handling of unaccompanied minors

The Department of Health and Human Services is not taking responsibility for unaccompanied minors once they're placed with sponsors, according to a Senate subcommittee report released Wednesday, an issue the subcommittee's... More>>

Sarah Sanders' 'linguistic sleight of hand' on Omarosa's non-disclosure agreement

Donald Trump loves non-disclosure agreements. In his life before politics, he regularly used NDAs to ensure discretion from his employees, should they become former employees. More>>

Young people are more skeptical that Democrats will take control of Congress

While more people say they are planning to vote for a Democratic candidate over a Republican candidate in a generic vote question for Congress in November, almost half (48%) still say that Republicans will be in control of... More>>

Two red state Democratic senators to meet with Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Two red state Democrats are scheduled to meet Wednesday with President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, highly anticipated meetings that could set the tone for where some of the Senate's most vulnerable Democrats land... More>>

Hatch on Trump tweet calling Omarosa a 'dog': 'I'm not comfortable with that'

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, the veteran Republican and Senate president pro tempore, said Wednesday he wasn't comfortable with President Donald Trump calling former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman, the only... More>>

New poll suggests attacks on Nancy Pelosi won't matter in midterms

Republican House candidates have attacked their Democratic opponents over their future potential vote to make Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House again. Many Democrats fearing potential electoral repercussions have... More>>

CNN Poll: Democratic advantage grows in race for Congress

Democrats now lead Republicans by 52% to 41% in a nationwide generic Congressional ballot according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS and released Tuesday. The blue lead has increased slightly from eight percentage... More>>

Sarah Sanders apologizes for false claim about African-American jobs

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a rare correction Tuesday night after falsely declaring that President Donald Trump has created three times as many jobs for African-American workers as former President... More>>

This exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Chris Cuomo is our current politics in a nutshell

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and the current public face of President Donald Trump's legal team, sat down for an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night. It was contentious -- if generally... More>>

US Treasury targets companies in Russia, China for violating North Korea sanctions

The US government on Wednesday moved to increase economic pressure on North Korea, adding new sanctions that target one individual and three shipping companies in Singapore, China and Russia for violating restrictions on... More>>

Katrina Pierson's explanations of the alleged 'n-word' tape make no sense

Start here: For months -- years, really -- there have been rumors of outtakes from "The Apprentice" or "The Celebrity Apprentice" in which now-President Donald Trump can be heard uttering a racial slur about... More>>

Omarosa's scorched-earth tell-all is a rare public breach of Trump's loyalty test

You could start counting off former White House staffers and you'd run out of fingers. And toes. Not all of them have been fired, but a fair number have. Sometimes spectacularly. More>>

Why Sarah Sanders' 'can't guarantee' answer matters so much

On Tuesday, after an extended break from the "daily" press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions from the media. And as you might expect, lots of those questions centered on the allegations... More>>

Minnesota proved again last night that the old Republican Party is dead

When former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced last year that he was leaving his cushy DC lobbying job to try to reclaim his old job, establishment Republicans cheered. Pawlenty, who spent eight years as the state's... More>>

Joe Biden cancels Illinois event due to 'doctor's orders'

Former Vice President Joe Biden canceled a planned appearance in Illinois this week because he is sick and "under doctor's orders not to travel," according to state Democrats. More>>

Democratic candidate for Vermont governor rejects socialist label

Vermont's Democratic nominee for governor Christine Hallquist, who made history Tuesday as the first transgender gubernatorial nominee for a major political party, said she's running to raise the issue of rural economic... More>>

Ilhan Omar could become first Somali-American in Congress after primary win

Ilhan Omar, a progressive state legislator, will win the Democratic primary in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, CNN projects. More>>

Kellyanne Conway's husband suggests Trump makes false statements, attacks both allies and his own employees

The husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared to hammer President Donald Trump for making false statements and attacking allies, adding to a long list of criticisms he's lobbed against the President online. More>>

Diverse candidates rule the night and other takeaways from Tuesday's primaries

The nation's first transgender governor, its first Somali-American woman in Congress and its first black woman in Connecticut's congressional delegation could all be on the horizon after Tuesday's slate of four primaries. More>>

Christine Hallquist will make history as first openly transgender major party nominee for governor, CNN projects

Christine Hallquist's bid to become the country's first transgender governor will clear an historic hurdle on Tuesday. More>>

Midterm battlegrounds take shape in Midwest primaries

Two upper Midwestern states where Democrats hope to rebound in November's midterm elections after losing ground to President Donald Trump in 2016 selected their candidates in a slew of major races Tuesday. More>>

Keith Ellison wins AG nomination in Minnesota after denying abuse allegations

Rep. Keith Ellison will win the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's nomination for Minnesota attorney general, CNN projects Tuesday, easily besting four other candidates just days after denying allegations he physically abused... More>>

2016 National Teacher of the Year could be Connecticut's first black Democrat in Congress

Jahana Hayes moved one step closer towards becoming Connecticut's first black Democrat in Congress on Tuesday when the former National Teacher of the Year bested Mary Glassman in the state's 5th Congressional District... More>>

Giuliani claims Mueller waiting for Manafort verdict to negotiate Trump interview

President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller is waiting for a verdict in the trial of Paul Manafort before resuming negotiations for a presidential interview. More>>

Stephen Miller's uncle: 'I felt it was incumbent upon me to raise my voice' against administration's immigration policy

David Glosser, uncle to White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, defended an editorial excoriating his nephew and the administration's immigration policy Tuesday, telling CNN, "I felt it was incumbent upon me to raise my... More>>

Kris Kobach wins Kansas GOP governor nomination after incumbent Colyer concedes

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has narrowly won the Republican nomination for governor, ousting incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer in the state's primary. More>>

Why Paul Manafort isn't wearing socks

In a trial that's featured talk of hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing, including a $15,000 ostrich jacket and an $18,000 python jacket, the latest sartorial question for court-watchers is: Where are Paul... More>>

Katrina Pierson: I made taped comments because Omarosa was the 'complete epitome of annoying'

Katrina Pierson, a Trump campaign official, said she was placating Omarosa Manigault Newman when she indicated on tape that she believed President Donald Trump had been recorded saying the n-word. More>>

Diploma controversy leads Florida candidate to suspend campaign

Melissa Howard, a Florida state house candidate, told CNN on Tuesday that she has suspended her campaign. More>>

ACLU: Officials set up 'trap' to arrest immigrants at legal status interviews

A Boston-area US Citizenship and Immigration Services office appears to have been coordinating with local ICE officials to arrest undocumented immigrant spouses married to US citizens when they appeared at government... More>>

What Mueller and Manafort need to do in closing arguments

We've reached the end. Paul Manafort's defense team has rested, presenting no evidence and calling no witnesses to testify, including President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman himself. More>>

6 Million Georgia voters' records exposed: 'Could have easily been compromised'

Georgia's shotgun-toting, Trump-style Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp has sought to assure voters that his state's election system is secure and that any allegations to the contrary are "fake news." More>>

Lawsuit seeks to stop Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas

Three consumer groups are suing the Trump administration in an effort to halt the implementation of work requirements in Arkansas' Medicaid program. More>>

State Department says Pompeo did discuss Yemen strike with Saudi prince

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did discuss the recent Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen in a Monday call with a Saudi prince, an agency official said, after a State Department readout failed to note that aspect of the... More>>

Pentagon to return bells captured in the Philippines over 100 years ago

The US military intends to return to the Philippines the famed Bells of Balangiga, captured by occupying US troops more than 100 years ago, a US defense official told CNN Tuesday. More>>

READ: 2016 Trump campaign nondisclosure agreement

The Trump campaign said Tuesday it is seeking legal action against Omarosa Manigault Newman in the wake of her tell-all book about her time as a campaign adviser and senior White House official. Manigault Newman is accused... More>>

Poll: Majority of GOP agrees news media is 'enemy of the people'

A majority of Republicans said they believed the news media is "the enemy of the people" rather than "an important part of democracy" in a poll released Tuesday. More>>

Exclusive: Pentagon spokeswoman under investigation for misusing staff, retaliating against complaints

One of Defense Secretary James Mattis' most senior civilian advisers is being investigated by the Defense Department Office of Inspector General for allegedly retaliating against staff members after she used some of them... More>>

Sanders 'can't guarantee' Trump hasn't used the n-word, but hasn't heard him do it

As President Donald Trump faced allegations of racism and cruelty on Tuesday, his press secretary stepped to the White House podium to deny only one of those charges. More>>

New tape shows Trump campaign aides discussing possibility of N-word tape

Aides to President Donald Trump questioned him during the 2016 campaign about the existence of an audio tape in which he purportedly said the N-word, a racial epithet, during production of his reality TV show "The... More>>

Defense rests in Paul Manafort trial; closing arguments Wednesday

The defense rested its case Tuesday morning in the trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort without calling any witnesses, setting the stage for closing arguments Wednesday morning. More>>

The West Virginia House impeached the entire state Supreme Court

Lawmakers in West Virginia did something Monday night that might be a first in American history: impeach an entire state Supreme Court. More>>

GOP senator calls Trump's attack against Omarosa 'unbecoming'

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona condemned President Donald Trump's attacks against former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman as "unbecoming," just hours after Trump called the only African-American to have... More>>

Trump campaign taking legal steps against Omarosa

President Donald Trump's campaign said Tuesday it has filed for arbitration, accusing Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former campaign aide and White House official, of breaching a 2016 nondisclosure agreement with the campaign. More>>

Read the email exchange between Manafort and Kushner

Paul Manafort sent President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner a recommendation to appoint Federal Savings Bank chair Stephen Calk as secretary of the Army in a November 30, 2016, email released Monday by the Justice... More>>

Donald Trump's Omarosa obsession is telling

On Monday, President Donald Trump sent seven -- yes, seven! -- tweets attacking his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman over claims she made in her tell-all memoir that was formally released today. More>>

Trump calls Omarosa a 'dog' in latest attack on ex-aide

President Donald Trump on Tuesday referred to former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman, the only African-American to have served in a senior role in the White House, as a "dog." More>>

Congressional black caucus chair blasts proposed superdelegate changes

The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus blasted proposed changes to Democratic "superdelegate" rules that would limit their ability to vote on the first ballot for the party's presidential nominees. More>>

Trump tweets on London 'terrorist attack' as investigation gets underway

President Donald Trump on Tuesday again seized on what he called a "terrorist attack" in London to call for tougher anti-terror measures, even though the incident was still in the early stages of investigation. More>>

CNN poll: Most say Mueller should try to end investigation before Election Day

Two-thirds of Americans, including majorities across party lines, would like to see special counsel Robert Mueller try to finish the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election before voters go to the... More>>

Manafort emailed Kushner with recommendations for senior administration posts

Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is now officially part of the trove of evidence in Paul Manafort's criminal trial, as part of an email exchange with the former campaign chairman about potential senior... More>>

GOP lawmaker's son blasts father's role in Strzok saga, wants to flip his seat

The son of a prominent House Republican blasted his father's role in the saga leading up to FBI agent Peter Strzok's ouster, less than a day after he announced that he was supporting the Democratic candidate to succeed his... More>>

Primaries in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin: What to watch

Tuesday's primaries in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin set up some of the most crucial races in November's midterm election. More>>

The Upper Midwest swung to Trump in 2016. It may swing back to the Democrats in 2018

Donald Trump's success in the Upper Midwest -- particularly his victories in Michigan and Wisconsin -- were pivotal to his success in the 2016 presidential election. More>>

How the Kasich dilemma is paralyzing Trump's Republican critics

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was among the big winners when Republican Troy Balderson apparently survived last week's special election for a US House seat centered on Columbus. Kasich was also among the biggest losers. More>>

CNN's new poll has very little good news for Donald Trump on Russia

The BIG headline out of CNN's new national poll probing how Americans feel about President Donald Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller and the ongoing Russia investigation is that a large majority want Mueller to wrap... More>>

Peter Strzok's attorney: FBI had the 'power, but not the right' to fire anti-Trump agent

The FBI had "the power, but not the right" to fire now-former agent Peter Strzok for his anti-President Donald Trump texts, his attorney Aitan Goelman said Monday. More>>

Trump signs McCain defense measure, doesn't thank McCain

President Donald Trump thanked multiple members of Congress involved in passing the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act at a signing ceremony at Fort Drum, New York, Monday, with one major exception: the... More>>

White House paranoia deepens after Omarosa tapes

Secret tapes. Nondisclosure agreements. A lot of name calling. More>>

Roger Stone ally: Mueller has 'concern' about Stone's 2016 predictions

Kristin Davis, a former employee and close friend of Roger Stone, said after testifying before a grand jury, she sensed special counsel Robert Mueller's team was concerned with what Stone might have had prior knowledge of... More>>

5 Takeaways from Day 10 of Paul Manafort's trial

The prosecution in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort rested Monday after filling up 10 days with 27 witnesses. More>>

James Clapper: Omarosa's secret recordings are 'unthinkable'

Omarosa Manigault Newman's secret recordings from her time in the White House are an "unthinkable" security violation, said former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Monday. More>>

Meet the Indiana dad who hunts Russian trolls

When it comes to hobbies, Josh Russell concedes he gets a little obsessive. No matter his interest, be it videogames or miniature figurine board games, he always wants to be the best. Perhaps that explains the dedication... More>>

Trump has no black senior White House staff

None of President Donald Trump's senior White House officials are black. More>>

Kremlin "pleased" with Helsinki summit, US and Western intelligence assesses

Russian officials were "pleased" with the Helsinki summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, US and Western intelligence agencies have found, according to two intelligence sources with knowledge of the... More>>

1 Data point that should make Democrats nervous

Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism. More>>

Pompeo, Trump mum on Saudi-led airstrike that hit Yemen school bus

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke Monday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but according to a State Department readout of the conversation, the top US diplomat made no mention of last week's Saudi-led... More>>

Peter Strzok fired from the FBI

The FBI has fired Peter Strzok, an agent who was removed from the Russia probe last year for sending text messages disparaging President Donald Trump, Strzok's lawyer said Monday. More>>

Prosecution rests in Paul Manafort trial

Prosecutors rested their case Monday afternoon in the trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. More>>

NSA watchdog details privacy concerns and moves to protect whistleblowers

The National Security Agency's open source intelligence collection process, which gathers publicly available information from the internet, has "an increased risk of jeopardizing the civil liberties and privacy of [US... More>>

Can we please stop comparing Michael Avenatti to Donald Trump?

Michael Avenatti was in Iowa this weekend. Because he is thinking, actively, about running for president. Of the United States. Which is something we have to take seriously. Because Donald Trump is president. More>>

Legal watchdog wants Commerce IG to investigate Wilbur Ross

A government watchdog group is calling for the Commerce Department's inspector general to investigate whether Secretary Wilbur Ross violated criminal conflict of interest laws, in a detailed, more than 100-page report it... More>>

A rose by any other name? Democrats grapple with the socialist question

For the first time in a lifetime, a wave of Democratic candidates are proudly calling themselves socialists. Some are winning, while others are creating -- even in defeat -- new space on the left for those who run in the... More>>

Conservative activists driven from restaurant by antifa group

Conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were accosted at a Philadelphia restaurant on Monday by protesters from a local antifa group. More>>

New black political group launches with four Democratic endorsements and more planned

A new political group called the Black Economic Alliance publicly launched Monday with $3.5 million raised for this year's midterm elections and plans to back 10 to 15 candidates. More>>

Kasich responds to Trump's Twitter attack with a laughing Putin GIF

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a GIF worth? More>>

GOP lawmaker: FBI has evidence Russian bots were fanning flames before Charlottesville violence

Republican Rep. Tom Garrett, who represents Charlottesville, Virginia, said Monday that FBI officials told him and other members of Congress that Russian actors were attempting to sow discord around the white supremacist... More>>

Keith Ellison denies allegations he abused ex-girlfriend

Rep. Keith Ellison is denying allegations made public on Saturday that he physically abused an ex-girlfriend. More>>

Why did 2 of Trump's aides feel the need to record him?

We've entered a new plane of reality where the question of who secretly recorded President Donald Trump doing what without his knowledge has become an overriding theme of his presidency. More>>

Political strategist who worked with Kamala Harris says only she knows about 2020 run

Political strategist Ace Smith said he thinks his client Sen. Kamala Harris would be "both a brilliant candidate" and "an amazing President," but whether or not she intends to run in 2020 is still unknown. More>>

Why the firing of Peter Strzok changes the Russia investigation less than you think

The firing of Peter Strzok -- the FBI agent who sent a series of anti-Trump texts to a woman he was having an affair with even as he was part of investigations into Hillary Clinton's private email server and Russia's... More>>

Omarosa is incredibly unreliable. That doesn't mean she's totally wrong about Donald Trump.

Omarosa Manigault Newman isn't easy to root for. Or even believe. More>>

Trump-appointed judge upholds special counsel Mueller's authority

A federal district judge who was appointed by President Donald Trump has upheld Robert Mueller's appointment and constitutional authority in the special counsel's case against Russian social media propagandists. More>>

University says a Florida candidate who claims to be an alum never graduated, and the diploma in her photo is not accurate

A Florida state house candidate's college degree has been called into question -- by the very university from which she claims to have graduated. More>>

Omarosa taped call with Trump after she was fired

President Donald Trump appeared to be unaware that Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired by White House chief of staff John Kelly, according to an audio recording of a phone conversation aired on NBC's "Today" Monday morning. More>>

The utter collapse of Donald Trump's 'best people' boast

As a candidate, Donald Trump would famously boast that if elected, he'd "surround myself only with the best and most serious people" -- adding: "We want top-of-the-line professionals." More>>

Trump's Supreme Court pick calls Antonin Scalia a 'role model' and a 'judicial hero'

President Donald Trump has extolled the late conservative icon Antonin Scalia, and so has his new nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. More>>

Omarosa recorded John Kelly firing her

Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former "Apprentice" star and estranged aide to President Donald Trump, claimed on Sunday that she recorded White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her in the Situation Room. More>>

Kellyanne Conway struggles to name African-Americans in White House

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, struggled on Sunday to name an African-American person in a prominent White House role. More>>

Trump encourages boycott against Harley-Davidson

President Donald Trump said it's "great" that consumers might boycott Harley-Davidson if it moves some motorcycle production overseas. More>>

Giuliani: 'There was no conversation' between Trump and Comey on Flynn

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that if the President sits down for questioning by special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump will say he never discussed easing up on a probe of former White House... More>>

Kavanaugh v. Giuliani: can a president be subpoenaed?

Here are the stories our D.C. insiders are talking about in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines today. More>>

Hawaii Democrats stick with familiar faces as House candidate backed by Ocasio-Cortez falls short

In a Democratic primary season spiced up by new names, insurgent candidates and the party's progressive push, Hawaii's elections on Saturday offered a stamp of approval to the state's status quo. More>>

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: Trump 'failed' to show moral leadership after Charlottesville

One year after the deadly white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, the state's former Democratic governor said President Donald Trump failed to live up to the moment. More>>

GOP lawmaker: Russian meddling fanned the flames in Charlottesville

Republican Rep. Tom Garrett said Saturday that he was told during a briefing with the FBI director that Russian meddling played in a role in "fomenting the flames of what happened in Charlottesville," Virginia, one year... More>>

Trump calls Attorney General Jeff Sessions 'scared stiff and Missing in Action'

President Donald Trump called Attorney General Jeff Sessions "scared stiff and Missing in Action" on Saturday in his latest broadside on Twitter against the nation's top law enforcement officer. More>>

Prosecution's case in Paul Manafort trial close to wrapping up

Over nine days in federal court, prosecutors in Paul Manafort's trial appeared to operate with an overarching goal: Connect the dots between the criminal charges against the former Trump campaign chairman. More>>

Mitt Romney: 'It must be electorally disqualifying to equivocate on racism'

Mitt Romney said Friday that candidates who make vague statements about racism should be disqualified from running for public office. More>>

Chris Collins suspends re-election campaign following insider trading charges

New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins suspended his reelection campaign on Saturday after he was indicted earlier this week on charges related to insider trading. More>>

Election officials' concerns turn to information warfare as hackers gather in Vegas

As hackers sit down to break into dozens of voting machines here in Las Vegas this weekend, some state and local election officials that have flown in to witness the spectacle at one of the world's largest hacking... More>>

Comedian Leslie Jones says America is 'way more' than Trump

Comedian Leslie Jones may appear in lots of political sketches that lampoon the President as part of her job at "Saturday Night Live," but she wants Americans to know the country is "way more" than just the commander in... More>>

Omarosa's book marks stunning turn-around for a former top aide

Omarosa Manigault Newman entered the White House as one of President Donald Trump's longest-serving associates, the only person aside from his daughter who'd known and worked alongside him for more than a decade. She was... More>>

Poll: Trump is as strongly disliked now as Nixon was before he resigned

First things first: The theme song of the week is Gotcha by Tom Scott from the television show "Starsky and Hutch." More>>

NYT: Mulvaney to weaken military lending oversight

The Trump administration plans to eliminate routine audits of lenders for violations of the Military Lending Act, according to internal agency documents, The New York Times reported on Friday. More>>

Kavanaugh argued a president would have to testify before a grand jury if subpoenaed

Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, while working on the independent counsel investigation into President Bill Clinton in 1995, argued that a sitting president would likely have to testify before a grand jury if... More>>

In Trump's White House, Charlottesville was a moment that wasn't

When President Donald Trump declared a year ago that "very fine people" were among the Nazi mobs descending upon Charlottesville, Virginia, the reaction was swift. More>>

Peek inside Trump's total non-vacation in New Jersey

He golfs. He schmoozes by the pool. He eats dinner with friends. More>>

Michael Brown's mother is running for office in Ferguson, Missouri. Here's why

Standing near the spot where her son was gunned down, Michael Brown's mother, Lezley McSpadden, announced she is running for city council in Ferguson, Missouri. More>>

Trump vows to double steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey

President Donald Trump said Friday he is greenlighting a doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey and warned that US relations with the country "are not good at this time." More>>

Immigration lawyer of Melania Trump's parents pushes back against Trump immigration proposal

The immigration lawyer representing first lady Melania Trump's parents pushed back against President Donald Trump's hardline stance on a category of family visa that paved the way for his in-laws' citizenship, calling the... More>>

Michael Avenatti calls for a fight in Iowa: 'When they go low, I say, we hit harder'

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, positioned himself on Friday in Iowa as the only possible presidential candidate prepared to hit President Donald Trump as hard as Trump hits Democrats. More>>

Takeaways from day nine of the Paul Manafort trial

As prosecutors neared the end of presenting their case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, the federal court in Virginia gave its watchers a true cliffhanger. More>>

Kansas governor on primary race: 'Not entirely' comfortable with vote counting process

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer said Friday that he's "not entirely" comfortable with the current vote counting process in the state's gubernatorial election. More>>

Michael Avenatti in Iowa: I'm seriously considering running against Trump

Michael Avenatti made it clear as he wandered the rows of stalls at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday: He's seriously considering a 2020 presidential run to challenge President Donald Trump. More>>

Watchdog demands Congress investigate acting EPA head over alleged lobbying disclosure omissions

A government watchdog group called for a congressional investigation Friday into allegations that acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler violated transparency law in his previous work as a lobbyist, accusing him of hiding... More>>

Space Force 2020! and other big headlines this week

This week, White House news revolved around the three S's: sanctions, space and special (special election and special counsel). The Trump administration reimposed US sanctions on Iran, which went back into effect Tuesday.... More>>

Trump admin outlines plan to reunify separated children with deported parents

A federal judge in San Diego on Friday called the Trump administration's plan outlining how the US government intends to reunite migrant children who were separated from their families with parents who have been deported... More>>

Mueller subpoenas Randy Credico, who Roger Stone says was his WikiLeaks back channel

Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Randy Credico to testify before a grand jury next month, according to Credico's attorney. More>>

Manafort jurors hear about Yankees tickets after mystery recess

The first major test in court for special counsel Robert Mueller's team continued Friday in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort -- with an unexplained five-hour delay meaning prosecutors didn't wrap... More>>

Baked Alaska and birthday cake: Memorable lines from the Manafort trial judge, T.S. Ellis

Judge T.S. Ellis is known as a colorful judge who is not afraid to interrupt prosecutors, interrogate witnesses and even poke fun at himself along the way. More>>

Rick Scott says Bill Nelson should prove his claim Russians have hacked Florida's elections

Florida Gov. Rick Scott demanded Friday that Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson provide proof of his claim that Russians had penetrated some counties' voting systems. More>>

Trump's Supreme Court nominee to have confirmation hearing September 4

President Donald Trump's nominee to be the next Supreme Court justice -- Judge Brett Kavanaugh -- will start his Senate confirmation hearings on September 4, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley announced... More>>

Editorial asks what GOP lawmaker meant when he said his Democratic rival didn't know Kansas 'values'

The Kansas City Star editorial board wrote an op-ed Wednesday calling out GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder for comments he made about his Democratic rival, Sharice Davids. Yoder told the crowd during his primary election night... More>>

Betsy DeVos' rollback of Obama's for-profit college rules is almost complete

Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is rolling back another Obama-era regulation that was meant to protect students from abusive practices by for-profit schools and colleges. More>>

Omarosa claims Trump campaign offered her job in exchange for silence

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House aide and reality TV star, claims in her forthcoming book that President Donald Trump's re-election campaign offered her a lucrative contract in exchange for her signature on a... More>>

UN Security Council calls for probe into Saudi-led airstrike that hit Yemen school bus

The United Nations Security Council is calling for an investigation into Thursday's Saudi-led airstrike that hit a school bus in Yemen and killed dozens of children, many under the age of 10. More>>

Roger Stone aide skips out on grand jury testimony, challenging Mueller subpoena

Andrew Miller, a former associate of longtime Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone, did not appear for a scheduled grand jury hearing on Friday, defying a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller, according to his attorney. More>>

Mocked in Space: Russian embassy trolls US over new branch

The Russian Embassy appeared to boldly troll the US Friday following the Trump administration's announcement of a Space Force. More>>

North Korea rejecting US proposals in diplomatic standoff

The US has made repeated proposals to North Korea on denuclearization, all of which have been rejected, according to senior diplomatic sources. More>>

Buzz Aldrin: Space Force is 'one giant leap in the right direction'

He was there when man first landed on the moon in 1969 and on Friday, Buzz Aldrin endorsed a new galactic effort -- the Trump administration's Space Force. More>>

Trump stokes attacks on NFL players who protest

President Donald Trump railed against NFL players who protested at Thursday night's preseason games, saying the players are outraged about "something that most of them are unable to define." More>>

'Manhattan Madam' to testify before grand jury in Mueller investigation

Kristin Davis, also known as the 'Manhattan Madam,' will testify before a grand jury in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on Friday, her spokeswoman Lainie Speiser told CNN. More>>

Kobach says he'll recuse himself as vote count discrepancies found in Kansas GOP primary

The Kansas Republican governor's race between Secretary of State Kris Kobach and incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer remains in a dead heat on Friday, with Kobach clinging to a 0.04 percentage point lead as his office sorts through... More>>

10 Things you didn't know about the 'Notorious RBG'

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- the 85-year-old liberal legal icon -- has spent 25 years on the Supreme Court and says she plans on staying put for at least five more. More>>

Visas, loans, stock tips and access: The swampiest moments of the Trump administration so far

President Donald Trump's promise to drain the swamp of Washington, delivered repeatedly and vigorously during the 2016 campaign, turned into a pledge of honor in his inaugural address when he said he would return... More>>

The making of a judicial phenomenon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg marks 25 years on the bench

There is something in the current "Notorious RBG" fervor that offers the perfect paradox for a woman whose early career was marked by rejection and work in the trenches of anti-discrimination law. More>>

'Leave immediately': US Navy plane warned over South China Sea

High above one of the most hotly contested regions in the world, CNN was given a rare look Friday at the Chinese government's rapidly expanding militarization of the South China Sea More>>

Congress is trying to run away from immigration. This fall may not let them.

After two dramatic defeats of immigration legislation this year, Congress left for August recess eager to put the issue in the rearview mirror, with consequential midterm elections looming in November. More>>

Down with 'Notorious R.B.G.'

You wouldn't expect to find Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a tattoo parlor. More>>

Melania Trump used visa opposed by her husband to get her parents' citizenship

President Donald Trump's in-laws are officially United States citizens, obtaining their citizenship through the sponsorship of their adult daughter, one of the very categories of family visas that the administration has... More>>

READ: A federal judge threatens to hold Jeff Sessions in contempt

Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt when he learned two plaintiffs were being deported to El Salvador while they were fighting for their right to stay in the US. He then... More>>

Judge blocks administration from deporting asylum seekers -- but the government already had two on a plane

A federal judge on Thursday erupted at the Trump administration when he learned that two asylum seekers fighting deportation were at that moment being deported and on a plane to El Salvador. More>>

Takeaways from day eight of the Paul Manafort trial

Day eight of Paul Manafort's criminal trial in Virginia federal court should be known as bank fraud day. From morning until after 5 pm, four bank employees and a representative from Airbnb outlined how the former Trump... More>>

North Korea: US not adhering to its side of the bargain since Trump-Kim summit

North Korea issued a forceful statement Thursday against what it said were elements of the US government which are not adhering to the spirit of the dialogue established by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader... More>>

Newly released documents illuminate little from Trump's Supreme Court nominee

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday began releasing a small slice of documents related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's work in the early 2000s for President George W. Bush, including the administration's... More>>

Mueller request signals Gates may still be cooperating

A court filing from special counsel Robert Mueller signals that Rick Gates may be assisting the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election beyond the case against Paul Manafort. More>>

Sessions: Group that backed baker who turned away gay couple not a 'hate group'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to the defense of the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom in a wide-ranging speech on religion Wednesday evening, taking direct aim at the Southern Poverty Law Center for... More>>

EPA is ordered to ban farm pesticide chlorpyrifos

A federal court on Thursday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban a pesticide used widely in farming. More>>

Trump 2020 to sell 'Space Force' merch

President Donald Trump's re-election team seized on his administration's push for a "Space Force" on Thursday, pledging to sell branded merchandise to his supporters. More>>

Judge admits error in Manafort trial

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has repeatedly clashed in the Paul Manafort trial with Judge T.S. Ellis, who has refused to let prosecutors display photos of Manafort's luxury purchases, urged them to hurry up their... More>>

Pence calls for creation of Space Force by 2020

Vice President Mike Pence called Thursday for the establishment of a Space Force by 2020, while also announcing immediate steps the Department of Defense would take to reform how the military approaches space. More>>

There is no rule that says Robert Mueller must end his investigation by September as Giuliani claims

With the November midterm elections 89 days away, President Donald Trump has yet to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump's legal team has suggested the timing of the midterms could affect... More>>

New Puerto Rico death toll amplifies Trump disconnect on relief efforts

Less than two weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump took to the island to praise the federal officials in charge of the recovery efforts and declare they could be "proud" that the death... More>>

Candidate launches write-in campaign against former Nazi party leader

An independent candidate has launched a write-in campaign in an Illinois congressional district to directly take on a former Nazi party leader and "fight back" against "hateful viewpoints." More>>

Democratic senator: Russians 'penetrated' Florida voter registration systems

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who's up for re-election this year in a state President Donald Trump won in 2016, said Russians have "penetrated" some of his state's voter registration systems ahead of the 2018 midterms. More>>

NY GOP Rep. suggests ethics rules should change following Collins arrest

New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed said Thursday that Congress should pursue ethics reform that would prevent conflicts of interest following fellow New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins' recent arrest for alleged insider trading. More>>

A West Virginia House panel has voted to impeach the entire state Supreme Court

A West Virginia House panel adopted articles of impeachment Tuesday against all four state Supreme Court justices, escalating a widening scandal in the state's judicial system. More>>

#TBT: Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes a Supreme Court justice

She's "notorious." She's fit. And on Friday she celebrates a milestone work anniversary. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will mark 25 years as a Supreme Court justice --- that's a quarter-century on the nation's top court. More>>

In leaked recording, key House Republican suggests GOP must keep House to protect Trump from Mueller

In a newly leaked audio recording, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a California Republican, suggests that his party needs to retain control of the House of Representatives to protect President Donald... More>>

Democrat likely to be next St. Louis County prosecutor sees progress in Ferguson

A Missouri Democrat poised to be the next prosecutor for St. Louis County says he's seen progress on racial and cultural issues in Ferguson since the shooting of an unarmed black teenager there four years ago touched off... More>>

Stormy Daniels defamation lawsuit against Trump transferred to California

A New York federal judge has ordered Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump be transferred to a California federal court. More>>

Carla Provost officially named first woman to lead Border Patrol

US Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday that acting US Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost will be dropping the "acting" and officially named chief of Border Patrol -- the first woman to hold the position. More>>

Tariffs could take a big toll on America's nut farmers

The world loves America's nuts. The United States is the largest producer and exporter of tree nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecans. That's why international trade is so vital to this industry. More>>

Democrat poised to snag House seat says it's unlikely she'd pick Pelosi for speaker

A Michigan Democrat who is poised to be elected to Congress said Thursday she would be unlikely to vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker if Democrats retake the House, adding her name to progressive and swing-state Democrats... More>>

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