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Sen. Chris Murphy on mass shootings: 'Public policy has failed'

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said Sunday that the effort to stem mass shootings like the one in Parkland, Florida, needs to go beyond focusing on law enforcement and encompass a comprehensive approach to gun control and... More>>

California Democrats deny Sen. Feinstein an endorsement

As he sought to wrest the California Democratic Party's endorsement away from longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein, her upstart challenger, Kevin de León, made an impassioned argument to state delegates Saturday that the time... More>>

As Corker wavers, Blackburn seeks endorsements from his Senate colleagues

Here are the stories our DC insiders are talking about in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines today. More>>

Read the full transcript of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's interview on 'State of the Union'

JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: Hello. I'm Jake Tapper in Washington, where the state of our union is still raw in the wake of the tragedy in Florida. More>>

CNN Poll: Seven in 10 favor tighter gun laws in wake of Parkland shooting

Support for stricter gun laws has spiked to the highest level since 1993, and almost two-thirds say government and society can take action to prevent future mass shootings, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. More>>

Broward sheriff: 'Of course I won't resign'

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Sunday he would not resign in the face of criticism about his agency's response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. More>>

Ivanka Trump stands and claps for North and South Korean Olympic Athletes

Ivanka Trump stood up and clapped alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his wife as North and South Korean athletes entered the 2018 Winter Olympics' closing ceremony. More>>

Supreme Court to hear case on unions, non-member financial requirements

The Supreme Court will wade into a clash between organized labor and conservative groups Monday in a case that could overturn decades-old precedent and deal a potentially crippling blow to public sector unions. More>>

CNN Poll: Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of presidency

President Donald Trump's approval rating in a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS stands at 35%, down five points over the last month to match his lowest level yet. More>>

Trump says military parade would be great for country's spirit

President Donald Trump says a military parade in Washington could take place on Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, adding that it would be "something great for the spirit of the country." More>>

Republican governors want to do something on guns. But what?

Republican governors are expressing new openness to restrictions on gun rights -- but the party hasn't coalesced around specific solutions in the days after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. More>>

WH official: Peña Nieto calls off visit to White House after confrontational call with Trump

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has called off an official trip to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump after a tense phone call brought the two leaders to a policy-driven standstill. More>>

Trump calls Schiff a 'bad guy,' Democratic memo 'a nothing'

President Donald Trump hit back at top House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff in an interview Saturday night, dismissing a Democratic memo on FBI surveillance released earlier in the day as "a nothing." More>>

CPAC panelist laments conservatives' support for Trump, Roy Moore despite sex abuse allegations

Columnist Mona Charen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center was met with jeers and boos when she criticized conservatives for supporting Roy Moore and President Donald Trump during a #UsToo panel at CPAC. More>>

Nunes vs. Schiff: Five key areas where they disagree

Was the application to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page a major FBI and Justice Department abuse that amounted to politically motivated surveillance? Or was it... More>>

#2020Vision: Bernie Sanders' Russia problem; Hickenlooper weighs his options; Biden thinking one term?

Our weekly roundup of the news, notes and chatter about the prospects for the next Democratic presidential race: More>>

Democratic intelligence memo released with redactions

The House Intelligence Committee on Saturday released a Democratic memo in redacted form that seeks to undercut Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuses. More>>

Former RNC chair responds to comment that he was only elected 'because he's a black guy'

Michael Steele shot back Saturday at a Conservative Political Action Conference official for a racial comment he made about the former Republican National Committee chairman at a dinner Friday night. More>>

What is Adam Schiff's next political move?

Adam Schiff's profile is on the rise in Democratic politics -- but nobody seems to know what the California congressman will do next. More>>

Trump tweets support for arming teachers, says 'up to states'

President Donald Trump is doubling down on his support for the controversial idea of arming school teachers as a protective and preventive measure against school shootings, indicating that aspects of such a proposal could... More>>

UN Security Council approves 30-day Syria ceasefire

The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a 30-day ceasefire resolution in Syria after a relentless bombardment of the country's eastern Ghouta enclave near Damascus that has left hundreds dead. More>>

Parkland survivor tells FLOTUS: To combat cyberbullying, start with Trump Jr.

A Parkland school shooting survivor is calling for Melania Trump to fulfill her pledge to combat cyberbullying -- starting with her own family. More>>

George W. Bush says Billy Graham changed his life

Former President George W. Bush says his faith walk and decision to quit drinking started with the Rev. Billy Graham. More>>

Sources: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school

When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward... More>>

The NRA used to be much more bipartisan. Now it's mostly just a wing of the GOP

During his speech Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre launched an attack on the Democratic Party and its "socialist agenda." The speech marked just how... More>>

Gun control, Mueller indictments and CPAC: Here's what you missed this week

Busy week? Here are some of the biggest headlines from a week jam-packed with news to get you all caught up. More>>

The most 'popular' 2020 Democrat at CPAC is ...

President Donald Trump is the unquestioned king of this year's Conservative Political Action Conference. But with his throne on the line in 2020, the faithful here are already busy handicapping the Democratic field. More>>

Librarians digitally archive rare White House images

In a nondescript office building steps away from the White House, a small team of librarians at the White House Historical Association is working on a massive puzzle. More>>

Fear of Russian aggression driving US military sales to Europeans

Concerns about Russian aggression is driving billions of dollars in US arms sales to European nations. The weapons deliveries are also part of the Trump administration's wider efforts to confront Russia in the region. More>>

Trump announces new North Korea sanctions

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the US Treasury Department is imposing new sanctions against North Korea specifically targeting the country's shipping and trading companies and vessels in an effort to further... More>>

Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleads guilty in Mueller investigation

Former Donald Trump campaign official Rick Gates pleaded guilty Friday to two criminal charges in special counsel Robert Mueller's wide-ranging investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign and... More>>

Robert Mueller and his pursuit of justice

In the early 1990s, Robert Mueller had just left one of the most powerful posts in America's criminal justice system: assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the Department of Justice. Taking his experience... More>>

ISIS fighters escape from US-backed detention in Syria

A small number of ISIS detainees have "recently" escaped from detention by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, according to a US official with direct knowledge of the program. The official described the incident as... More>>

Tenney doubles down on statement that many mass shooters are Democrats

Rep. Claudia Tenney attempted to clarify a recent statement that Democrats were more prone to be mass shooters by saying once again that many who commit mass violence lean Democratic. More>>

US plans to move embassy to Jerusalem in May

The Trump administration will move its US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May, the State Department announced Friday, coinciding with Israel's 70th anniversary. More>>

Debunking 'single greatest Witch Hunt in American history'

President Donald Trump has spent much of the last year running down special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Russia's attempted interference in the 2016 election. More>>

FBI tip line caller described Nikolas Cruz as 'about to explode'

A woman close to the Parkland, Florida, school shooter called an FBI tip line in early January to describe a young man with an arsenal of knives and guns who was "going to explode" and said she feared him "getting into a... More>>

Trump: Kelly to decide Kushner security clearance

President Donald Trump said Friday he will not decide himself whether to allow Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, to keep his temporary security clearance, telling reporters at the White House he'll leave the matter to his... More>>

Indian Health Services nominee withdraws after report said he misrepresented credentials

Trump administration's nominee Robert Weaver withdrew his name Wednesday from consideration to lead the Indian Health Service, which comes after a report that he misrepresented his work experience. More>>

Embattled company plagiarized bid for Puerto Rico hot meal contract, senators say

The company that failed to deliver nearly all of the hot meals it promised to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria plagiarized the bid that won it the $156 million contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency,... More>>

No. 2 GOP senator: Raising age limit for rifles may not save lives, nor have enough votes to pass

The second-ranking Senate Republican broke with President Donald Trump on Friday when he told CNN that the President's proposal to raise the legal age to buy a rifle to 21 may not "save lives" and doesn't get at the "root... More>>

New indictment accuses Manafort of paying European politicians

New charges were filed late Friday against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the special counsel investigation. More>>

DHS Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke leaving Trump administration

Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke will leave the Trump administration in April after serving a year in the department that included a stint as acting secretary. More>>

FCC chair gets 'courage under fire' award for overseeing net neutrality repeal

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission was awarded a handmade rifle by the National Rifle Association Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. More>>

Ivanka Trump practices diplomacy on South Korea Olympics trip

Ivanka Trump is leading the US delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony, and the trip has thus far proved to be an exercise in diplomacy for the first daughter and senior adviser to the President. More>>

The one very big question about Rick Gates' plea deal

After weeks of rumors, it became official Friday afternoon: Rick Gates pleaded guilty to two criminal charges and agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe into Russia's attempted meddling in... More>>

Russia's most advanced fighter arrives in Syria

Russia has sent its most advanced fighter jet to Syria, a US military official tells CNN. It's a deployment that could potentially increase the level of danger to US forces operating inside the country. More>>

Car intentionally hits security barrier near White House

A passenger vehicle intentionally hit a security barrier near the White House on Friday, a law enforcement source told CNN, though the Secret Service said the car didn't breach the secure complex that surrounds the... More>>

Arizona GOP congressional candidate swept up in sexting case

A week before the primary in the Arizona House special election, a leading Republican candidate's campaign is being roiled by an alleged cyber-affair with a former state Senate staffer. More>>

Arrests of immigrants, especially non-criminals, way up in Trump's first year

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump's administration's arrests of immigrants -- especially those without criminal convictions -- were up substantially, but actual deportations lagged behind his predecessor,... More>>

Trump says armed school officer in Parkland didn't 'love the children'

President Donald Trump continued to criticize the armed school resource officer in Parkland, Florida, who stayed outside of the school during the shooting, saying during a White House news conference conference that Scot... More>>

Trump reads 'The Snake,' repurposed as anti-immigrant poem, at CPAC

President Donald Trump read the lyrics of an anti-immigrant song titled "The Snake" on Friday, reverting to a campaign staple that Trump has used to criticize United States' immigration policy. More>>

CPAC goes full Trump for 2018

A little more than eight months before he won the White House in 2016, candidate Donald Trump, faced with the threat of a walkout by skeptical Republicans, abruptly canceled his scheduled speech at the Conservative... More>>

Arizona US Senate candidate Kelli Ward endorses higher minimum age for firearms purchases

Kelli Ward, an anti-establishment conservative Republican running for the Senate in Arizona, told CNN she is "not opposed to increasing the age to purchase a firearm." More>>

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti dismisses 'Kardashian' stereotype in South Carolina debut

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, introducing himself to local party leaders and voters in this critical presidential primary state this week, said the Democratic Party could no longer "paint states one color" and vowed to... More>>

Supreme Court sets travel ban arguments for final day of term

The Supreme Court announced Friday that it would hear oral arguments concerning the legality of the latest version of President Donald Trump's travel ban on April 25, which is currently scheduled as the last argument day... More>>

Why the NRA is so powerful on Capitol Hill, by the numbers

When the National Rifle Association talks, large swaths of Capitol Hill listen. More>>

Trump stands by campaign pledge of building wall, blames Democrats for stalled immigration debate

President Donald Trump stood by his signature campaign pledge of building a campaign wall along the US border with Mexico, telling conservative activists Friday he'll get it built despite Democratic opposition in Congress. More>>

Read Rick Gates' plea document

Former Donald Trump campaign official Rick Gates will plead guilty Friday afternoon to two criminal charges in special counsel Robert Mueller's wide-ranging investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 presidential... More>>

Olympian Rippon says he would now 'totally' speak with Pence

Figure skater Adam Rippon said Friday he would now take a phone call from Vice President Mike Pence after reportedly turning down a conversation with him over his stance on gay rights. More>>

Here's definitive proof that a good guy with a gun doesn't always stop a bad guy with a gun

When the shooting started at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Wednesday, there was an armed deputy on duty at the school -- someone tasked, specifically, with keeping the students inside safe. More>>

Freewheeling Trump at CPAC touts armed teacher proposal

A freewheeling President Donald Trump offered a political greatest hits reel Friday to the highest-profile right-wing gathering of the year, basking in conservative plaudits for what he characterized as a triumphant first... More>>

Donald Trump stokes a totally false idea on the 2nd Amendment in CPAC speech

President Donald Trump spent the last two days insisting that he was ready to find compromise on gun control measures in the wake of the murders of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last week. More>>

Trump: Parkland deputy 'didn't have the courage'

President Donald Trump said Friday that the armed school resource officer who stayed outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as last week's shooting unfolded did a "poor job." More>>

Trump on his hair: 'I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks'

President Donald Trump told an audience of conservative activists on Friday morning that he "tries like hell to hide" his bald spot, gesturing on stage like he was parting his hair to cover the top and back of his head. More>>

WH trying to keep Kushner involved on sensitive issues without Trump's intervention

Officials at the White House have been working to devise a plan this week that would allow Jared Kushner to continue in his role handling sensitive foreign policy matters without forcing President Donald Trump to... More>>

Gillibrand urges Senate to take up sexual harassment bill

Nearly one month after the House of Representatives passed sexual harassment legislation to reform the way lawmakers' offices on Capitol Hill handle those cases, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is calling out Senate leadership. More>>

Democratic governors ready to take action on gun control

Four Democratic governors from the Northeast have formed a coalition on gun control, saying they can't wait for Congress and the federal government to take action. Three of them appeared on CNN's "New Day" Friday morning... More>>

After Parkland, Steyer pledges $1M to register high schoolers to vote

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, a billionaire Democratic donor is pledging $1 million to help young people register to vote with the hope that they will help elect pro-gun control politicians in the midterm... More>>

Allies urge Trump to not go further on gun control measures

President Donald Trump's aides and outside allies are attempting to convince him that he has done enough when it comes to proposing gun safety measures in the wake of the Florida high school shooting, assuring him he... More>>

CBS poll: Nearly two-thirds back stricter gun laws

Americans back stricter gun laws by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, according to a new CBS poll that was conducted in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. More>>

Thomas, conservatives impatient at Supreme Court's inaction on 2nd Amendment

What's the Supreme Court done about the 2nd Amendment lately? Not much, to the deep frustration of Justice Clarence Thomas. More>>

At CPAC, Trump's base trusts him on guns

In the aftermath of a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead, President Donald Trump is urging the country and Congress to act. More>>

Four huge obstacles for Congress to do something on gun control

As pressure mounts for congressional action on gun control, it's unclear just how much can be done given the thick political fog that shrouds any major legislative effort on Capitol Hill -- especially in an election year. More>>

Democrats take gun control demands to suburban House races

Amid the continued national outrage over the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, some House Democratic challengers, particularly those in suburban districts, are eying a push for stricter gun laws as an issue they believe... More>>

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens indicted

Missouri GOP Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted on Thursday amid looming allegations of sexual misconduct and blackmail following an admission of an affair last month. More>>

Eric Greitens is in deep, deep trouble

The indictment of Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens on a felony charge of invasion of privacy Thursday night further imperils his already dicey political future. More>>

US State spokesperson on Syria: 'I don't know what some of you expect us to do'

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert struggled to describe specific steps the State Department and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are taking to end the violence in Syria at the agency's briefing on Thursday,... More>>

Title of Don Jr's remarks in India changes amid backlash over conflicts

As Donald Trump Jr. prepared to take the stage Friday at a conference for business leaders in New Delhi after a nearly weeklong visit to India, the event's organizers made a late change to the title of his public remarks.... More>>

In #ArmMeWith movement, teachers ask to be armed -- but not with guns

Teachers have taken to social media in the midst of a gun control debate following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting to push for an increase in classroom resources -- not the ability to carry guns in school. More>>

Democratic House candidate apologizes after 'crusty old Marine' comment

A Democratic candidate for Congress is apologizing after reportedly making a remark about not being "a crusty old Marine" when she was asked at an event how she thinks she will fare with the large military population in... More>>

Kansas Republican backs raising age to buy semiautomatic rifles

Sen. Pat Roberts is voicing support for restricting access to semiautomatic rifles for those under the age of 21. More>>

Investigators looking into bodyguard's affair with mayor find nude photos in emails

Newly discovered nude cell phone photos may be evidence Nashville's mayor and her former security chief were having an affair while he was being paid to be her bodyguard, authorities say in court documents disclosed Thursday. More>>

WaPo: Key Russian oligarch in touch with Russia, Assad before mercenaries attacked US troops

Before a Russian mercenary attack on US and allied forces in Syria earlier this month, the Russian oligarch believed to control the mercenaries -- a man who the US special counsel indicted last week -- was "in close touch"... More>>

Mueller files new charges against Manafort and Gates

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed new charges against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. More>>

Ivanka Trump is South Korea-bound for Olympics closing ceremony

Ivanka Trump will arrive in South Korea Friday, where she will lead the presidential delegation to the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. More>>

Kelli Ward's DC charm offensive

Arizona US Senate hopeful Kelli Ward is here to show conservatives that she's not crazy -- and to convince them that it's still worth spending money in GOP primaries. More>>

US immigration agency updates statement to no longer say 'nation of immigrants'

The agency in charge of US immigration services has updated its mission statement to no longer include the phrase "nation of immigrants." More>>

Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats

Rep. Claudia Tenney, an upstate New York Republican who is up for re-election in one of the most competitive congressional districts in America, told a radio host in Albany that Democrats are more prone to be mass shooters. More>>

Trump proposes bonuses for teachers who get gun training

President Donald Trump spent Thursday grappling with how to prevent more school massacres and address the gun debate gripping the country, offering solutions such as giving bonuses to teachers who undergo gun training. More>>

1 Guaranteed way to change the gun debate

We may well be in the midst of a landmark moment in the long and controversial history of the politics of guns in America. More>>

Sources: Mueller probe stymies Kushner security clearance

Jared Kushner has been unable to obtain a full security clearance in part because of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to two sources familiar with the matter. More>>

Read the new indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

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As conservatives party at CPAC, it's liberalism that's on the rise

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is meeting this week in Maryland, and in some ways, it's a good time to be a conservative. Republicans control all branches of the federal government, while Democrats and... More>>

One very sour note from Bill Nelson in town hall on guns

At Wednesday night's town hall on guns, Sen. Marco Rubio was repeatedly pressed -- and criticized -- by the audience in Sunrise, Florida, for his past defenses of gun rights. More>>

Senator questions mine safety official's industry ties

The man in charge of mine safety under the Trump administration is facing more scrutiny about his ties to an industry push to roll back safety regulations. More>>

Ted Cruz embraces Trump ahead of re-election

Up for a second Senate term in Texas this year, "Lyin' Ted" Cruz, as President Donald Trump nicknamed him, is suddenly Trump's biggest fan. More>>

Nelson's town hall comments show he is gearing up for a race against Scott for Florida Senate seat

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson attended CNN's town hall on Wednesday night to talk about school safety and gun violence. But by the end of the night, the vulnerable senator up for reelection this year proved one thing... More>>

Read the indictment of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

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Trump faces tough odds in pressing Congress and the NRA on guns

President Donald Trump, carefully attuned to the emotional national debate unfolding after last week's school shooting in Florida, signaled Thursday that he is willing to pressure Congress to take action on guns. More>>

NRA chief accuses Democrats of pushing 'socialist' agenda in wake of Florida shooting

The head of the biggest gun lobby in the US has accused Democrats of pushing a "socialist" agenda to deprive gun owners of their weapons, in an uncompromising speech just a week after 17 people died in the Florida school... More>>

NRA bashes liberals while victims plead for change in America's split-screen moment

A week after the latest massacre that traumatized America, the political dimensions of the new fight for gun law reform are now clear. More>>

House Republicans gear up for hearings on bipartisan opioid crisis legislation

House Republicans will hold a hearing next week on a series of bipartisan bills to address patient safety and enforcement efforts for opioids, marking the latest push for legislation to combat the opioid crisis. More>>

4 Things to know about White House Correspondents' Dinner entertainer Michelle Wolf

The White House Correspondents' Association has tapped "Daily Show" contributor Michelle Wolf as the featured entertainer for this year's dinner. More>>

Trump defends the NRA as a group of 'patriots' who want to 'do the right thing'

President Donald Trump defended the National Rifle Association on Thursday, saying he believes the organization wants to "do the right thing" in wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people. More>>

Top WH lawyer details Trump admin's 'larger plan' to shrink regulatory state

White House counsel Don McGahn offered his take Thursday on the Trump administration's efforts to slash regulations, from court appointments to repealing rules. More>>

Menendez co-defendant sentenced to 17 years in separate case

Dr. Salomon Melgen, the alleged co-conspirator in the corruption case of Sen. Bob Menendez, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in a separate federal case Thursday. More>>

Carter to speak at Liberty University despite feuding with founder

Former President Jimmy Carter will be Liberty's University's commencement speaker this year, his first visit to the Christian college after a history of feuding with its founder. More>>

Congress' Republican leaders silent so far on Trump's gun proposals

President Donald Trump is making a fresh -- if unexpected -- push for some gun law reforms following a tragic mass shooting last week in Florida, but it's not clear they will be embraced by Republican leaders on Capitol... More>>

5 Things we've learned about our gun politics in the last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have featured a more intense -- and, generally speaking, more honest -- national conversation about guns and culture than in, at least, the last five years. More>>

Ivanka Trump becomes an attack line in Nevada GOP primary

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller's Republican primary challenger is trying to tie him to Ivanka Trump as a way to cast him as too liberal. More>>

Trump opposes 'active shooter drills,' references his own son

President Donald Trump grew indignant on Thursday in opposing "active shooter drills" in schools, making a rare reference to his own son as he described the practice as "crazy." More>>

Trump says he's thinking about pulling ICE from California

President Donald Trump declared on Thursday he was considering withdrawing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from California as punishment for what he claimed was a "lousy management job" in patrolling illegal... More>>

Woman tied to former GOP Rep. Tim Murphy's resignation is running for Congress

The woman whose affair with former Rep. Tim Murphy ultimately led to his resignation is now running for Congress, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. More>>

Boston mayor on gun violence: 'There's something wrong with our system'

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh suggested that there needs to be a federal movement to combat gun violence. More>>

Trump pushes suggestions to prevent gun violence

President Donald Trump sought Thursday morning to firm up his political positions on the swirling gun debate while also defending the National Rifle Association, which has come under fierce criticism in the wake of last... More>>

FBI says 'processes' not followed on Parkland shooter tip

Nearly a week after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a top FBI official acknowledged that proper protocols weren't followed on the tip about Nikolas Cruz, the confessed shooter. More>>

Special elections are good for Democrats, but beware the margin of error

Democrats have been winning elections in places they aren't supposed to since Donald Trump became President. More>>

Evangelist Billy Graham to lie in honor at US Capitol next week

The Rev. Billy Graham will lie in honor in the US Capitol rotunda beginning next week, House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement on Thursday. More>>

McMaster could leave WH after months of tension with Trump

With tensions flaring between President Donald Trump and national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the Pentagon is considering options that would allow the President to potentially move the three-star general out... More>>

Pence addresses gun debate by touting school safety at CPAC

Vice President Mike Pence told the audience at a conservative gathering outside Washington on Thursday that the "the safety of our nation's schools and our students" is a top priority for the Trump administration. More>>

Obama cheers on 'fearless students' of Parkland

Former President Barack Obama voiced his support Thursday for the "fearless students" of Parkland, Florida, telling them, "we've got your backs." More>>

NRA spox: 'Many in legacy media love mass shootings'

The National Rifle Association's national spokeswoman argued Thursday that "many in legacy media love mass shootings" during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. More>>

Rubio says banning semiautomatic rifles is 'well outside' mainstream

Sen. Marco Rubio is defending his stance against a ban on semiautomatic rifles -- claiming that the position is "well outside" mainstream opinion -- after he signaled an openness to limited gun control measures at a CNN... More>>

Trump defends NRA amid gun law debate

President Donald Trump defended the National Rifle Association on Thursday as a nationwide debate boils on gun control. More>>

Transcript: Stoneman students' questions to lawmakers and the NRA at the CNN town hall

Survivors of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, took center stage at a CNN town hall Wednesday in Sunrise, Florida. The students, their parents and teachers asked frank questions of Sens.... More>>

Facing critics, Rubio steps into heated gun debate and signals willingness to change laws

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, facing an outraged constituent audience of school shooting survivors Wednesday, signaled a willingness to vote in favor of limited gun control measures. More>>

Father of teen slain in Florida school massacre slams Rubio on gun stances

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was murdered during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last week in Parkland, Florida, challenged Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday for his positions on gun control. More>>

Grieving Parkland father to Trump: 'I'm not going to sleep until it is fixed'

The father of a victim killed at the Florida high school shooting last week raised his frustrations during a listening session at the White House Wednesday, telling attendees and administration officials that "we as a... More>>

Trump suggests arming teachers as a solution to increase school safety

President Donald Trump, after listening to a series of emotional stories and pleas to enhance school safety at the White House Wednesday, floated the idea of arming teachers and school staff, an idea that was met with... More>>

Teachers are not meant to carry AR-15s, student survivor says

Florida school shooting survivor Alfonso Calderon said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's suggestion of arming teachers and school staff with weapons to enhance school safety was a "terrible idea." More>>

Students at town hall to Washington, NRA: Guns are the problem, do something

They were angry and frustrated. And given the chance to face the lawmakers and others who can make their lives safer, high school students who a week ago were running from gunfire pointedly demanded change Wednesday night... More>>

Vice President Mike Pence visits the Texas-Mexico border

Vice President Mike Pence travels to the Texas-Mexico border on Friday in his first visit to the area as vice president. More>>

6 Things Marco Rubio said at the CNN town hall that made news in the US gun debate

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, facing high school students Wednesday night who survived the Parkland, Florida, shooting, defended his stance on gun rights -- while changing the conversation surrounding the issue. More>>

Rubio stands by accepting NRA contributions: 'People buy into my agenda'

Sen. Marco Rubio defended accepting contributions from the National Rifle Association, telling a Parkland school shooting survivor that the NRA's influence comes from the membership it represents. More>>

NRA spokesperson: 'Insane monster' shouldn't have been able to get a firearm

Dana Loesch, the spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, says a shooter who killed 17 people last week at a high school in Florida should not have been able to get a firearm. More>>

Parkland congressman: 'It's not too soon, it's too late' to talk about gun control

Rep. Ted Deutch said "it is too late" to be having the conversation about gun control after 17 people were killed last week in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. More>>

Superintendent: 'We don't need to put guns in the hands of teachers'

The superintendent for the district that includes the Florida high school where 17 people were shot last week said arming teachers is not the solution to school shootings, after President Donald Trump suggested that... More>>

Flake backs bill to raise age to buy AR-15 style weapons

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake announced Wednesday he's backing a bill to increase the minimum age to buy a semi-automatic rifle, lending bipartisan support to legislation that was introduced last week by Democratic Sen.... More>>

House Oversight Committee chairman inquires about Pruitt travel

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's travel expenditures are being looked at by House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, according to a letter from the committee dated Thursday. More>>

Trump says 'the facts' prove he's tougher on Russia than Obama -- they don't

President Donald Trump declared Tuesday on Twitter that "the facts" prove he's been tougher on Russia than his predecessor, President Barack Obama. They don't -- especially when it comes to punishing Russia for interfering... More>>

The Point: 8 numbers on guns that matter

The gun debate is heating up, again, in the wake of the slayings of 17 people one week ago at a school in Parkland, Florida. More>>

More than 800,000 students live in school districts where shootings have happened

One school shooting after another has struck communities across the country, and the toll goes beyond the dead and wounded. More>>

Here's what Congress is investigating from the Obama administration

President Donald Trump requested the FBI investigate how the Obama administration was involved in Russian meddling in the 2016 -- questioning why Congress and federal investigators aren't probing how the Democratic... More>>

NRA rejects idea of raising minimum age to buy rifles

The National Rifle Association is rejecting ideas to raise the minimum age for purchasing rifles. More>>

Trump's note card for Parkland shooting discussion: 'I hear you'

President Donald Trump heard emotional stories Wednesday from people affected by the nation's deadliest school shootings, and it appears he had an assist in responding to some of the powerful testimony. More>>

Donald Trump vs. John Kelly vs. Jared Kushner vs. Jeff Sessions vs. H.R. McMaster

The most common complaint in any White House when it comes to how the media cover a president and his administration is that there is way too much focus on palace intrigue and not nearly enough on policy proposals. More>>

Could this gun control push end differently? History says ... maybe

A group of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School got their first, bitter taste of gun control politics on Tuesday afternoon as Florida state House Republicans slammed the door on a debate over legislation the... More>>

Trump's former bodyguard hired by RNC for $15,000 a month

Keith Schiller, President Donald Trump's longtime bodyguard, is advising the Republican National Committee on security for the 2020 convention, a contract that nets Trump's longstanding personal aide $15,000 a month. More>>

Sessions weathers yet another Trump Twitter taunt

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unlikely to go anywhere soon, despite President Donald Trump's public and private dressing-downs. More>>

Trump's approval rating dips to 37%, new poll finds

President Donald Trump's approval rating has dipped back below 40%, a new poll released Wednesday found. More>>

Schiff memo may finally see the light of day

The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat says he hopes to release this week the Democratic memo that pushes back against Republican allegations of FBI and Justice Department surveillance abuses of a former Trump... More>>

Trebek will moderate Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate

Answer: He is a quiz show host-turned-political debate moderator. More>>

Melania Trump's parents' immigration status could be thanks to 'chain migration'

The Slovenian parents of first lady Melania Trump are legal permanent residents of the United States, according to the lawyer representing them in the process -- raising questions about whether they are living in the US by... More>>

New sealed filing in Manafort and Gates case

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates' case has added a new criminal charge or charges as of Wednesday, though whether the action is additional grand-jury approved indictments or indicates a coming a plea agreement remains a mystery. More>>

Sanders to publish book, 'Where We Go From Here,' after midterms

Sen. Bernie Sanders will publish a book titled "Where We Go From Here" a week after the 2018 midterm elections, St. Martin's Press announced Wednesday -- a move likely to stoke speculation about the 2016 presidential... More>>

Congress wonders if this time will be different for gun control

In America, gun violence has become a reoccurring fact of life, and the response to it is even more predictable. More>>

Why Tuesday's controversial gun vote in Florida might not mean what you think

On Tuesday night, even as 100 or so students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were making their way to the state capitol in Tallahassee, the state House voted against proceeding to a debate on an assault weapons ban. More>>

NRA to participate in CNN town hall

The National Rifle Association will participate in CNN's nationally televised town hall Wednesday with students, parents and community members who were affected by last week's school shooting. More>>

What Donald Trump's quote on Billy Graham tells you about Donald Trump

On Wednesday morning, legendary pastor Billy Graham passed away at the age of 99 at his family home in North Carolina. Encomiums from politicians -- many of whom Graham had known personally -- began pouring in almost... More>>

US presidents mourn death of Billy Graham

US presidents mourned the loss Wednesday of evangelist Billy Graham, who served as a spiritual counsel and personal confidant to numerous commanders in chief. More>>

Kirsten Gillibrand swears off cursing for Lent

New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who last year made headlines for dropping the f-bomb in a speech, said Tuesday on CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" that she gave up "swearing" for lent. More>>

Kushner-Kelly divide deepens over security clearance overhaul

White House chief of staff John Kelly has been locked in an internal struggle with President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner over his access to highly classified information for weeks now, a... More>>

Supreme Court says terrorism victims can't seize Iranian artifacts from US museums

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that victims of terrorist attacks cannot seize Iranian antiquities currently on loan to a museum in Chicago in order to help satisfy a $71.5 million dollar judgment against Iran. More>>

Kentucky Democrat wins state House seat in Trump stronghold

Democrats claimed a landslide victory in a special election for a Kentucky House district that voted heavily for Donald Trump in 2016. More>>

Trump challenges Sessions to investigate Obama, Democrats on Russia

President Donald Trump, after being criticized for his response to Russia's election meddling, challenged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into the Obama administration for failing to do enough to... More>>

Florida lawmaker's aide fired after claiming high school students are actors

A Florida representative's aide lost his job Tuesday after sending an email to a reporter falsely alleging that two students who survived the Florida school shooting -- and were speaking out on TV -- are "actors." More>>

This is Trump's big chance on changing gun laws -- if he wants to take it

If President Donald Trump is truly serious about his vow to come up with "solutions" to gun violence, he has a golden chance to show it this week. More>>

Political scientists rate Trump as worst ever, but you should be skeptical

You may have read about the new study from political scientists that ranks President Donald Trump as the worst president ever. There's nothing inherently wrong with the study, and the political scientists who worked on it... More>>

How AR-15-style guns, such as the one used in Parkland shooting, are legal

After multiple instances of gun violence -- such as the Parkland, Florida, high school mass shooting that left 17 dead -- some gun control advocates have called for a ban on AR-15-style guns, similar to one the US had in... More>>

Senior HHS official placed on leave for promoting unfounded claims and conspiracy theories on social media

A top official at the Department of Health and Human Services has been placed on administrative leave after a CNN KFile inquiry while the agency investigates social media postings in which he pushed unfounded smears on... More>>

US Vice President Mike Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials, but they canceled

US Vice President Mike Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials, including Kim Jong Un's sister, during his politically charged visit to the Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this month, his office confirmed... More>>

Trump accuser says she's 'not surprised' he called her a liar

Rachel Crooks says she is "not surprised" that President Donald Trump called her a liar. More>>

NYT: Kushner is pushing back on giving up his access to classified info

White House officials Jared Kushner and John Kelly are privately feuding over Kushner's access to classified information despite having only an interim security clearance, according to a report in The New York Times. More>>

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