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Oct 5, 2012 5:17 PM by Katy Harris KXLF News

Butte Public Schools state testing scores improving

There are 6 main categories of state level testing for Butte Public Schools students.
Reading scores have significantly improved over the last 7 years.
"I don't think that people in the community know that over half of our kids are scoring in the advance level in reading," says Butte Public Schools Superintendent Judy Jonart."

The school district has been using a scientific research base program to track the progress.
The Superintendent says the teachers are the reason why state test scores are improving. "Kudos to the teaching ranks actually. Without their hard work we wouldn't be where we're at and we're real proud of those."
Over the last 7 years Butte Public Schools have incorporated more technology into their teaching regiment also. "We really have transformed our classrooms into 21st century learning centers. It's an exciting time in education," adds Jonart.
Today more and more students are starting to use learning resources like e-books in school.


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