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Oct 3, 2013 6:24 PM by Dax Vanfossen - MTN News

Family of Elmo man raped and killed, speaks about accused

The medical examiner says a 28-year-old Elmo man was raped and violently murdered by his cousin.

The man police say is responsible for his killing, says he's not guilty.

Family members of the victim, Lawrence Kenmile, spoke about his death on Thursday.

Jessie McDonald and Rikki Nichols, family members said, "Yeah it was very emotional, it was hard, I have a pit in my stomach. To see him in person and it's...and to not be able to see Lawrence anymore, was probably the hardest part."

Melvin Madplume appeared in a Lake County District Courtroom on Thursday in Polson, to face two felony charges.

Now Madplume, according to Court documents, stands accused of deliberate homicide and sexual intercourse without consent causing the death of Lawrence Kenmille.

Madplume entered a plea of not guilty to both charges with his lawyer Noel Larivee present.

According to court documents authorities believe that Madplume sexually assaulted his cousin Lawrence Kenmille before drowning him.
Friends and family say the entire community is in mourning.

"It was our whole community that's broke down from it yeah he didn't just destroy a family, he destroyed a whole community. A lot of people loved Lawrence, with all their heart, he was a great man, a very good uncle, a very good dad, a great singer. It just destroyed us," Kenmile's family said.

Because of the nature of the crimes and the nature of the two charges, the state has the option to pursue the death penalty or life in prison should Madplume be found guilty.

"I hope he goes to prison for the rest of his life, and I hope he suffers, and I hope he feels the pain that we feel. And I know that sounds mean, but I want him to feel what we feel."

Attorney Noel Larivee also entered paperwork requesting that the County Attorney's office not be allowed to make any statements to the media regarding this case other than hearing times and dates.


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