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Sep 18, 2013 2:17 AM by MTN News

Former Ambassador to China, Huntsman says MT has great potential for success

Former Utah Governor, U.S. Ambassador and GOP Presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman says Montana stands to benefit from the increasing demand from Chinese consumers.

Huntsman, who was in Butte at the invitation of Senator Max Baucus, says Montana has the two largest qualities needed for success - the increasing ability to keep and attract the smartest people, and the ability to attract investment.

Huntsman spent nearly 30 years in the Asian Pacific region and says the US trade imbalance will turn around in the next decade as the nation starts to ease restrictions and consumers demand more goods.

"That means we will benefit from a wave of exports over the next five to 10 years so it will be very good for our economies," Huntsman said. "So our engagement with the Asian Pacific region, I think, will be driven in large part by our export opportunities. And our export opportunities will be driven by innovation and that is new ideas that are plowed into the ground that only Americans can do."

Huntsman says "innovation" is the key along with a regulatory system that allows growth, access to capital and quality institutions of higher learning, and according to him, Montana has them all.


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