Nov 20, 2012 6:57 PM by KXLF Media Center

Butte students served hamburgers without buns after Hostess closing announcement

BUTTE - The recently announced closing of the iconic Hostess Brands Incorporation has had a rippling effect. Students in the Butte School District were served hamburgers without buns for hot lunch on Monday.

"We called them to find out what was going on they didn't tell us," said Mark Harrison, director of central services for the Butte School District.

Harrison said he had heard rumors on Friday that Hostess would be closing, but they never received notice. At 3:30 p.m.on Friday, he called the Butte local distributor Sweetheart to find out. They told him at 5 p.m. they would be "closed and done."

"We had to scramble to get product," Harrison said.

Harrison made other arrangements with a local distributor, Sysco in Billings. Hamburger buns were scheduled to arrive at the Butte schools in time for lunch Monday. The bread arrived late and was frozen.

All elementary students who ordered hot lunch were served burgers without the bun, according to Harrison.

Lunchtime supervisors said the students did not seem upset by the situation. They were served extra fruits and vegetables to compensate.

"They met all nutritional criteria for that day," Harrison said.

East Middle School and Butte High had enough leftover supplies to make it through the day.

The Butte School District has not entered a new contract with a wholesale distributor.


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