Nov 2, 2011 7:42 PM by Christina Lysacek

No additional confirmed cases of pertussis in Bozeman public schools

"I don't feel sick at all," said a very peppy Collin Miller, a BHS student who was sent home yesterday after being screened for whooping cough.

Miller said of the school's public health nurse," she said we've been monitoring who you've been with and they noticed that I was on the football team, so that targets me as a subject to possibly getting whooping cough."

Miller also said before their last football game the team was notified that a few players had pertussis. "There have been a few more cases of pertussis that have surfaced throughout the football team since those couple kids had it."

Miller got tested by his health care provider yesterday and is waiting on the results, but in the meantime his mother feels he shouldn't have been pulled from school without having symptoms. "Having him out of school for that many days, especially because we don't know if he has it, and I actually haven't observed any symptoms, it is a little frustrating," said Robyn Miller.

Students who have been confirmed to have pertussis, and their parents, were interviewed to determine who they have been in close contact with, and these close contacts could range anywhere from teammates to the students who sit around them in their classes.

"They put me on an antibiotic since I have lots of classes with football players and people who have been pulled out for having whooping cough," said Nathan Ulrich, a BHS sophomore.

Bozeman High School principal, Rob Watson said, "we have 350 students that are on medication, but the students are only sent home if they are showing symptoms of pertussis."

According to Gallatin health officer, Matt Kelley, children should get the DTap vaccination at 2, 4, and 6 months old, and two more shots before they enter kindergarten. Children are also encouraged to get a booster shot at age 11 or 12. Kelley said each time your child gets a booster shot, there immunity to pertussis increases.

Bozeman Public Schools Superintendent, Kirk Miller, told us that there are currently no other confirmed pertussis cases in other district schools.


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