Jan 8, 2013 6:03 PM by Katy Harris KXLF News

School safety upgrades coming to Anaconda

ANACONDA-The Anaconda School District has plans to upgrade their school safety procedures and security systems.

The Administrative Team reviews school safety annually but are taking a more serious approach in light of last month's school shooting in Connecticut.

"It's very difficult to protect from people that have an intention in mind and have well planned that but it's not coming internally. It's coming from an outside source, people that are not connected with the school," says Anaconda School District Superintendent Tom Darnell.

Security system video cameras will be upgraded. The district is also planning to install parabolic mirrors in entrances that will help administration see who is entering buildings. Parents could see a change in the procedure to pick up children. And you could see more uniformed police officers at sporting events and concerts.

"It's going to be a challenge for school districts not only in Montana, but in the United States in order to look at ways to identify those potential threats and to deal with as much safety precautions as possible," Darnell said.


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