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Feb 4, 2014 11:24 AM by John Emeigh - MTN News

UPDATE: Attorney: Butte teacher fired over pregnancy; seeks civil rights charge

An attorney for a former Butte Central Catholic Elementary School teacher is seeking a civil rights charge against the school claiming she was fired because she was pregnant.

Cincinnati attorney Brian Butler told KXLF this morning that former teacher Shaela Evenson was fired from the private Catholic school because she was pregnant and not married. Butler said he plans to file a discrimination charge with the Federal Equal Opportunity Commission alleging the school violated her rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Evenson confirmed Monday with KXLF that she was fired from the school, but deferred all comments about this situation to her attorney. Evenson taught sixth, seventh and eighth grade literature and physical education at the school for the past nine years.

Butler said Evenson contacted him because he was involved in a similar civil rights case involving a Cincinnati teacher that was fired from a Catholic school because of her pregnancy.

Office of Catholic Schools Superintendent Patrick Haggarty about confirmed to KXLF today that Evenson was fired because she knowingly violated her contract. However, he didn't go into details about the situation, because this is a personnel matter.

Haggarty says his office hasn't been contacted as of Tuesday by Evenson or her attorney concerning the alleged civil rights violation.

Haggarty said that Montana's Catholic schools have policies in their employee contracts that requires them to behave in a way it considers moral and employees can be fired if they violate those policies.


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