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Nov 14, 2013 6:14 PM by John Emeigh - KXLF News

Who you gonna call? Butte team investigates the supernatural

A group of Butte investigators enjoy digging into the world of the supernatural.

Butte Paranormal Investigative Team uses high-tech equipment to seek out ghosts and other strange happenings in some frightening places in the Mining City. Team members say they've experienced some odd and unexplained things during their investigations.

"Oh, I have definitely seen things and most of the things that shock and awe me on evidence review, I'll be watching footage of a security camera and I'll be four hours into it and all of the sudden a full-figured thing walks into the room," says Meredith Ludford, investigator.

The investigators recently met at some old buildings on the city's east end that reportedly have paranormal activity.

"What this place is the Cabbage Patch," explains John Demuary of Butte Paranormal. "A lot of violence and whatnot occurred here. They piled a lot of people into these shacks because they couldn't afford to live anywhere else."

They claim spirits actually turn flashlights on and off as a way to communicate with the living.

Learn more about Butte Paranormal at 10 when we go on special assignment.


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