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Unabomber movie needs help from Montanans

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MISSOULA - Theodore John Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, was responsible for the deaths of three people and injured more than 20 before he was apprehended on April 3, 1996, in his cabin in Lincoln.

Since then many have made movies about Kaczynski but now a crew is preparing to make one using a cast and crew made up of mostly Montanans.  Matt Flanders, the producer for the project says he plans to approach the project from an angle he believes is different than any other movie on the topic. 

“What I've noticed about other Unabomber projects, Is number one they don't film in Montana and number 2 they have a strange idea of what a Montanan is, and it's nobody that I know," Flanders said.

Montanans are a special kind of person, they're not like people anywhere else. I'm from Helena originally and that's part of the reason why I wanted to do this project," he added. "When it came to me. I said 'oh, I wanna tell the story about the real people of Montana surrounding this infamous character'."

Flanders said filming will take place on the property where Kaczynski lived and they intend to use the experiences of real Montanans to help bring the movie to life.  

Jim Royan is a Montanan whose fiancee attended the casting call. Royan's sister lived in Lincoln when Kaczynski resided there. Royan said she told him stories about a strange man who she would see at the library. 

“Often times when she would go in there and he was in there, he would see her children, he would go talk to them. And then he would reach up and get some books and children's books and point out words and point out pictures. She said she wasn't very impressed with him, very dirty, kind of strange looking man. But she said he was very nice to her children,” said Royan.

Flanders said they intend to highlight the beautiful landscapes of Montana and authentically portray how the people of Montana lived among a killer.

“A lot of people couldn't understand how could this have existed in a small town. How can this man be doing all the stuff and his neighbors not know? And to me, The great thing about Montana is...you're gonna be a good neighbor to whoever lives near you and if they want to be left alone you leave them alone, you stay out of their business. That's what's great about Montana,” said Flanders.

During Sunday's casting call movie producers had about 40 roles to fill. The plan is to not just employ Montanans as actors but also as members of the crew. 

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