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At least 8 fake electors get immunity in Georgia's election probe

Georgia has been investigating the false electors since last year. Potential indictments in the election case could come as soon as July.
At least 8 fake electors get immunity in Georgia's election probe
Posted at 5:36 PM, May 05, 2023

At least eight of the false electors connected to Georgia's investigation into interference in the 2020 presidential election have struck immunity deals with prosecutors.

During that election, 16 false electors signed a statement affirming that they were Georgia's "duly elected and qualified" electors, and that Donald Trump had won the state's electoral college votes.

Defense attorney Kimberly Debrow revealed the immunity deals this week in a court filing. Those granted immunity accepted the deals last month. None of the individuals have been named.

Georgia has been investigating the individuals since at least last year.

Georgia is one of seven states where electors convened to send results indicating Trump's victory, despite his actually losing those states. 

Some electors noted they sent their filings in case Trump's legal challenges showed they were in fact duly elected and qualified. Some Republicans in Congress used the filings in attempts to delay certification of the election.

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The new immunity deals indicate Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis is making progress in her investigation into potential interference with Georgia's presidential election results.

In April, Willis sent letters to various agencies that set out a timeline for potential indictments.

Said she would announce possible criminal indictments against Trump or his supporters between July 11 and Sept. 1, and urged law enforcement to plan for increased security as the possible charges may "provoke a significant public reaction."

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