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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: New addition to Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area

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Posted at 10:48 AM, Dec 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-22 12:48:27-05

This Week in Fish and Wildlife MTN’s Chet Layman and Fish, Wildlife and Park’s Morgan Jacobsen talk about a new addition to a Wildlife Management Area or WMA near Anaconda.

Jacobsen says the Mount Haggin WMA recently added 829 acres thanks to efforts by several local groups and individuals. He says the new addition will fall under the same management plan as the existing WMA meaning it will be closed to all public access until May 15th.

Jacobsen says WMA’s are important for Montana’s wildlife because it gives them an area where they can face little stresses during the hard winter months and food is often scarce. He also says these areas allow calving and fawning to occur without human interference…which is important for herd growth.

Jacobsen says Mounta Haggin is one of Montana’s best WMA’s and the addition known as the Willow Creek Addition will only add to this area’s importance. He says Mount Haggin is important for both mule deer and elk for winter range and serves pronghorn for fawning and summer grazing. Jacobsen says the Willow Creek Addition is at the northern end of the Mount Haggin WMA.