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Couple Surprises Uber Driver With Garth Brooks Concert Ticket

Couple Surprises Uber Driver With Garth Brooks Concert Ticket
Posted at 7:20 AM, Jun 28, 2022

An out-of-town couple surprised their Uber driver on June 4 with a random act of kindness that involved seeing country music superstar Garth Brooks.

Katie and Zack Watson made a special trip from Columbus, Georgia, to Birmingham, Alabama, to see the concert. The original plan was for the couple and a mutual friend to attend the show together for a memorable night out. However, the Watsons got some bad news from their friend earlier that week.

“Ana got sick on Monday, and she was not able to go with us,” Katie told WTVM News. “We had this third ticket. We tried to give it away. It was just sitting out there, no takers.”

Garth Brooks performs live
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Despite the unexpected change, the couple decided to drive to Alabama anyway and brought the extra ticket with them. When it came time to get to the show, the Watsons chose to schedule an Uber instead of dealing with traffic.

Their first Uber driver canceled. That’s when they met the next available Uber driver, Vicky Wallace of Guin, Alabama, who apparently came into the area just to soak in the scene. She got excited when she saw where the couple was going for the evening. Wallace wasted no time getting them downtown and wanted to get them as close to the venue as possible.

That’s when Katie Watson had a wonderful idea: to offer the extra concert ticket to their helpful Uber driver.

“She was like, ‘I figured it out. I know how to get you really close to the stadium.’ She takes us up there, and I’m like, you know we have this extra ticket if you want to go with us,'” Watson told WTVM.


At first, Wallace couldn’t believe her ears.

“What, are you serious?” the shocked Uber driver said, according to the account she gave to WBRC news.

In her flustered state, Wallace almost turned the opportunity down because she didn’t like what she was wearing! In the end, though, good sense and the promise of the night of a lifetime won out during the conversation in her head.

“Listen, this is Garth Brooks,” she told herself, according to WBRC. “I am going. Things like this don’t happen every day.”

In another sign that this was meant to be, a parking space opened up right next to the stadium. So, Wallace pulled the car into the spot and the trio went in to enjoy a rocking night of country music.

Katie Watson shared a photo of the three happy fans at the concert on her Facebook page, which was then picked up by local media and shared online. The photo and the story quickly went viral.

“Little did I know sharing a photo would go so far,” she posted the day after the concert. “I just thought it was funny that our Uber Driver Vicky took us up on our extra ticket.”

But, for Wallace, the experience meant so much more.

“Zach and Katie were so kind. I still can’t believe I was inside the stadium,” she shared to Rick Karle of WVTM on his Facebook page. “I’m just a country girl at heart. A country girl that lived a dream.”

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