CSI MLM amnesty ends, final numbers

Office of Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities
Posted at 8:30 AM, Dec 17, 2021

HELENA — Commissioner of Securities and Insurance and State Auditor of Montana ended the multi-level Marketing (MLM) Company amnesty program Wednesday, Dec. 15th.

An MLM sells or distributes goods through agents or distributors. They can also compensate participants based on sales or purchases or even recruitment of new participants and sellers.

19 MLM’s registered during the time period, over 4,200 Montanan's participate in registered MLM’s across the state.

Now CSI will investigate the MLMs that have registered to ensure they are not taking advantage of participants by operating a pyramid scheme, which are illegal in Montana.

CSI encourages Montana participants to ensure the company they work for is registered.

Complete list of registered MLM’S:

  • 7k Metals, LLC
  • Amsoil, Inc.
  • Auvoria Prime
  • Bat Club USA
  • Beautycounter
  • Big Han USA Ent., LTD
  • Bravenly Global, LLC
  • Breathless Wines
  • Chalk Couture
  • ColorStreet, LLC
  • DIG Direct
  • Epicure
  • Faberlic Inc.
  • Farmasi
  • GCOOP USA Corp.
  • Healy World Co.
  • Hugh & Grace
  • It Works!
  • Life Platform
  • Magnabilities, LLC
  • Monat
  • Multi-Pure International
  • Norwex USA, Inc.
  • Nuvita
  • Perfectly Posh, LLC
  • Plexus Worldwide, LLC
  • Pure Romance, LLC
  • Reliv International, Inc.
  • Sisel International, LLC
  • Seint
  • Think Goodness LLC
  • Topaganda Scents
  • Unicity USA, Inc
  • Xendurance LLC
  • Yanbal, USA
  • Youngevity International, Inc.
  • Zinzino LLC