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Edgar Cedillo joined MTN News as an MMJ in October 2021, Edgar comes to Montana from Colorado.

Growing up Edgar always watched the news, as a kid he originally wanted to be a meteorologist, but that then shifted to wanting to work in news.

Edgar graduated from Colorado State University in May 2020. He can gratefully say he is a pandemic graduate! He earned his bachelor's in Political Science and Journalism & Media Communications.

During his time at Colorado State, he worked for the TV station on campus, CTV, where he wore many hats; he was an anchor, producer, and even news director. He says his favorite thing he was able to cover in college was the Colorado General Election in 2018.

Edgar is a self-proclaimed mountain boy and is excited to explore the mountains of Montana. When Edgar is not at work he loves to work out, hike and most of all he loves photography. He is always a fan of trying new restaurants and coffee shops so he's excited to try all the places Montana has to offer. Edgar is also bilingual, está en busca de unos tacos buenos en Montana. If you have a story idea, a good hike, or a coffee shop email Edgar at edgar.cedillo@kxlf.com

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