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People Love These $8 Korean Exfoliating Mitts For Getting Rid Of ‘chicken Skin’

People Love These $8 Korean Exfoliating Mitts For Getting Rid Of ‘chicken Skin’
Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 04, 2022

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Great skin can be everything. It can help our inner beauty shine outward and make us feel good about ourselves. But getting there can be challenging for those of us with sensitive skin. Constant redness or irritation can take its toll on self-esteem, no matter how well you take care of your skin.

Exfoliating can help, especially when done in moderation. Exfoliating mitts provides a way to remove dead skin cells without chemicals, offering a way to scrub off excess layers of dry skin, leaving behind radiant, soft skin. This is a great option for those suffering from keratosis pilaris, aka chicken skin, or looking for a deep exfoliation in preparation of a spray tan. On Amazon, we found an inexpensive exfoliating glove with a strong average rating from more than 23,000 users so far.

Seraphic Skincare Korean Exfoliating Mitts ($8)

Seraphic Korean Skincare Exfoliating Mitt

These Korean exfoliating mitts are made entirely of plant-based viscose fiber, which helps it remove dead skin while buffing and smoothing out the texture. It’s 8 1/2 inches long and 6 inches wide and will shrink slightly when wet. One reusable mitt costs less than $8 on Amazon.

The brand recommends using only water with the mitt and to soften the skin naturally first by taking a shower or bath for 15-20 minutes. Then dampen and wring out the glove and run it in circular motions along your body, away from water. Customize the rate of your exfoliation based on how much pressure you put on your mitt. (Start off lightly, especially on delicate, thin-skinned areas like the backs of your hands.) The company recommends steering clear of any open wounds or sunburned areas and to avoid the face.

For optimum results, you should use exfoliating mitts two to four times per month and follow up each session by applying good lotion.

Seraphic Korean Mitt

These exfoliating mitts can help you prep for and remove spray tans, prevent ingrown hairs, improve lotion absorption and unclog pores. You might even witness dead skin rolling off during your microdermabrasion session.

People have remarked on Amazon how quickly these Korean exfoliating mitts worked. Take a verified buyer who goes by the name PH, for example, who wrote that they’ve struggled with bumps on their arms and legs for over a decade before trying this method.

“I’ve used brushes for years because loofahs don’t give me the kind of scrub I want, but they never solved the bump problem,” they wrote on Amazon. “This did. My skin feels so incredibly smooth and clean. I follow up with a good lotion after the shower and I feel great.”

Mynabyrd wrote in another review that they love how all their ingrown hairs vanished the day after first using this mitt. And we love how one woman said this was the first summer in years that she felt confident wearing shorts without feeling self-conscious, thanks to using the mitt.

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