Former Governors wrap up 50th Montana Constitution Convention

Former Governors wrap up 50th Montana Constitution Convention
Posted at 4:04 PM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 18:04:40-04

HELENA — As the sun began to set on the Montana State Capitol building, former Montana Governors Steve Bullock and Marc Racicot gave emboldened speeches on the importance of Montana's governing document.

“Hope and Vision for Future Generations under the Montana Constitution” was the convention's closing ceremony's title. While both former governors noted they might not always see eye to eye on everything, they believe Montana's constitution is fundamental to the state and its future generations.

"This state constitution that we've lived with for 50 years, it's a check on government. It's ensuring that government can't overstep its boundaries. And from that perspective, pretty darn amazing and something that we should continue to support," said Bullock.

"The [State] Constitution is a very delicate instrument. It provides for a delicate form of government because it takes the consent of all of us. And as a consequence, we have to be well informed about it and we have to take care of we have to stand up and defend it," said Racicot.

As Montana’s constitution turns 50 years old, year after year, many gather in the very place it was created and both former governors believe it’s an important event.

"It provides lessons about how to conduct a public forum, how to be engaged with each other, how to respect one another, how to respect their ideas, just about good manners and about making certain you focus on the facts," said Racicot.

"You have an obligation to the entire state, and to actually try to elevate things with respect. And I think at times, you know, both the state constitution and remembering sort of these norms and we have responsibilities to one another. It's really important today and going into the future," said Bullock.