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‘Frasier’ Reboot With Kelsey Grammer Officially Happening

‘Frasier’ Reboot With Kelsey Grammer Officially Happening
Posted at 7:25 AM, Oct 06, 2022

Bust out the expensive, obscure sherry — it’s time for a toast. Frasier Crane is coming back to TV!

Everyone’s favorite radio psychiatrist will join the Paramount+ network, with Kelsey Grammer (of course) starring. Paramount+ announced that the reboot was being developed in 2021, Deadline reported, and has now greenlit the show as a full series.

In a July appearance on “The Talk,” Grammer shared his excitement about the new adventures of Frasier.

“[They’re] in the final stages of the final script for the first episode of the ‘Frasier’ reboot and it looks pretty good,” he said. “I’ve had a couple of runs through it, and I cried, so you know, I’m happy.”

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Grammer’s Gramnet NH Productions will produce the series, along with CBS Studios. No word yet on when the show will begin streaming, but Deadline anticipates a 10-episode run.

The premise of the reboot is still under wraps, for the most part. In an echo of Frasier’s move to Seattle after “Cheers” ended, this series will find the good doctor in a new city with a new set of friends to annoy. It’s unclear if the city may be San Francisco or Chicago, both possibilities laid out in the 2004 series finale after an 11-year run.

“Frasier” faves like Niles (played by David Hyde Pierce), Roz (Peri Gilpin) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) won’t be series regulars, alas, though the narrative door will be open for them to pop in for guest appearances.

Sadly, John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s grumpy-yet-lovable dad, Martin, died in 2018. And Moose, the bouncy Jack Russell terrier who played Frasier’s canine nemesis, Eddie, died after a fruitful showbiz career in 2006.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file

Stay tuned for updates on the future premiere — and, who knows, maybe some rumors will trickle out about guest stars.

As always, I’m rooting for Lilith to show up!

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