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Grandma Leaves Ouija Boards With Cheeky Message For Funeral Mourners

Grandma Leaves Ouija Boards With Cheeky Message For Funeral Mourners
Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 01, 2022

How do you want to be remembered when it comes time for your memorial service?

You’d better get creative, because one woman in Texas recently surprised her loved ones with a hilariously sassy farewell present: A card handed out at her funeral that said, “Let’s Keep In Touch!” — with a miniature Ouija board attached.

Jodie “Jo” Perryman, 81, died of cancer on Oct. 12. When her granddaughter, Gracie Perryman, attended the funeral about a week later, she shared her grandma’s big surprise on Twitter, saying, “What an icon.” Oh, and did we mention the keepsake also included a photo of the dearly departed sticking her tongue out and flashing both middle fingers at the camera?

According to Gracie Perryman, the gag was totally her grandma’s style.

“She was hilarious,” the younger Perryman told “Today.” “She had a great sense of humor and a huge heart. And she just took care of people around her. She was a great woman.”

Gracie said the tiny Ouija board came as a surprise to her. And just as she opened her grandma’s parting gift, everyone around her started cracking up at theirs.

“Everyone was dying laughing,” Perryman said. “It was hilarious, it was so her.”

According to Jo Perryman’s obituary, she worked in retail for most of her life, raising three kids at the same time.


The obituary went on to say she had a sympathetic ear and also welcomed her kids’ friends into her home.

“Jodie’s house was the place to hang out after school and on the weekends for all the many kids that called her ‘Mom,’” the notice read.

Perryman was also a devoted gamer, bookworm, crafter and cook. Unsurprisingly, she was famous for her sense of humor.

Her granddaughter told “Today” that she and her roommates gave Perryman’s teeny-tiny Ouija board a try after the funeral. With a laugh, she admitted she couldn’t get it to work. Which is too bad, because her late grandmother sounds like a lady you’d want to talk to!

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