Great Falls students do a 'domino run' before donating cereal

Great Falls students do a 'domino run' before donating cereal
Posted at 1:32 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 15:32:49-04

GREAT FALLS — Summer is just around the corner for the Holy Spirit Catholic School students, and for one last service project of the year, the students donated boxes of cereal to the Great Falls Community Food Bank.

“This is the second year that Holy Spirit has done this for us, and we’re just thrilled to have it. The kids do a great job and of course it’s a blast for them to set up the dominos and I think it’s awesome and we’re very grateful to Holy Spirit for doing this,” said Food Bank director Shaun Tatarka.

Along with the donations came a little bit of fun. The students piled into the gym to line up all 300 boxes of cereal and let them fall in a domino run.

Great Falls students do a 'domino run' before donating cereal

With screams of excitement and fun, the students got to enjoy the project a little bit more.

“It’s just a good opportunity for all of our classmates just to work together and have a fun time,” said one student. “It’s cool to see everyone work together and overall, it was a fun experience.”

Holy Spirit plans to collect even more donations for next year, enough to circle the whole school.

Tatarka says that he is just happy that the kids are involved and welcomes any donations no matter the amount. “I mean I think kids just generally, when they know that someone’s in need, they usually are ready to lend a hand and for the parents and the teachers at Holy Spirit to teach them that at a young age I think it’s just awesome.”