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How To Make The Beautiful Blueberry Cookies From This Viral Video

How To Make The Beautiful Blueberry Cookies From This Viral Video
Posted at 9:30 AM, Apr 05, 2021

Amid all of the videos that have trended on TikTok recently, there is one video in particular that has caught our attention and made us want to whip up a batch of cookies, stat: Justine E.’s blueberry cookies. Although you can never go wrong with a simple chocolate chip cookie, these blueberry cookies put a fun, unique twist on a classic recipe.

Just look at how colorful and delicious these cookies look in the TikTok video below with their natural purple coloring from frozen blueberries and large chunks of white chocolate chips.

@justine_snacksReply to @beepbopbooppoo Blueberries or nothing 🤩 ##ad @littlebluedynamos #c#ookierecipe #b#lueberries #f#rozenblueberries #b#aking #b#loobs♬ Central Park – Matt Beilis

However, these brightly-colored purple cookies are not just eye-catching, they’re vegan and packed with flavor, too.  As Justine describes them on her website,, “It’s as if a blueberry muffin and the best chocolate chip cookie you ever had got married.”

The recipe is fairly straightforward, relying on ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, like flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, and thawed frozen blueberries, which serve as a substitute for eggs in order to keep the cookies vegan. You’ll also need white chocolate chips and vegan butter, too.

Keep in mind that if you’re not a vegan or don’t want to go shopping for vegan butter, you can also make this recipe with regular butter. To make these cookies, Justine recommends using a stand or other electric mixer to help emulsify the blueberries with the wet ingredients and give the cookies a lighter texture.


Not a blueberry fan, or don’t have any in your freezer? You can also make this recipe with other fruits. Justine recommends strawberries, cherries, raspberries, or currants as substitutes.

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