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Inside the Race: Where Biden lands with voters ahead of SC primary

Experts from Politico and Scripps News discuss what key issues President Biden's campaign appears to be hitting.
Inside the Race: Where Biden lands with voters ahead of SC primary
Posted at 8:42 AM, Feb 03, 2024

On this edition of “Inside the Race Weekend,” Politico White House and Washington Reporter, Daniel Lippman and National Politics Correspondent Adam Wren join Scripps News National Political correspondents, Stephanie Liebergen and Serena Marshall, and host, Joe St. George to discuss where President Biden is landing with voters as the South Carolina Democratic primary takes place. 

One of the current events that could turn into a key issue on the presidential campaign trail for Biden is the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, as well as the war in Ukraine. Lippman said we’ve already seen this with the protests happening during some of Biden’s campaign stops. 

Lippman added young voters might not be as enthusiastic about choosing Biden in November because he hasn’t pulled through his previous campaign promise of removing national student loan debt. 

Other issues resonating with voters that Democrats seem to be focusing on are abortion access and immigration, Wren discussed. 

Liebergen said both parties could use immigration as a tool on the campaign trail depending on whether or not a deal on national security passes through Congress. 

Biden-Harris’ campaign has a long way to go when it comes to drumming up support and getting citizens to come out and vote, Marshall highlighted. 

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