Investigation underway into "senior prank" at Havre High School

Havre High School (MTN News archive photo, March 2018)
Posted at 4:35 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-28 18:35:36-04

An apparent "senior prank" by students at Havre High School has led to an investigation and possible criminal charges.

The Havre Police Department said Wednesday that a group of 30 or more seniors went into the school and vandalized the building, with damages estimated at between $1,000 and $2,000.

Havre Public Schools said the damage was not a harmless prank and the people involved would face consequences.

Here is the full text of the statement:

On May 24, 2021 a group of students from the Havre High School Class of 2021 made the poor decision to deface the hallways and bathrooms of the school as part of a “senior prank”. While it is understood that Senior Pranks can be fun a way for the graduating class to finish their time in the public school system, what happened that night went way past the boundary of being a harmless prank.

At Havre High, we ask that our students have Pony Pride and do so by Being Safe, Being Responsible, Being Respectful, and Being Educated. The actions by the students participating that night do not exemplify any of these actions. We are disappointed in them and the lasting image that they chose to leave of the Class of 2021. What could have ultimately been a fairly harmless prank (toilet paper and streamers in the hallways), took a horrible turn. These students put many people in potential danger and caused additional work for hardworking individuals at our school.

In light of this situation, the Havre High Administration will be issuing consequences to all students involved. While we cannot discuss specifically what those will be, it will involve community service hours and we will be working in consultation with the Havre Police Department for potential charges as well. We are saddened that students who make up all facets of Havre High: Honor Society Members, Student Council Elected Officials, Athletes, and many others chose to represent themselves as they did that night.

We would also like to apologize to the Havre Community, who we know takes such pride in this building and what our school stands for. In no way do we condone the actions of the students involved, and hope they also realize the tarnished reputation left for all members of the Class of 2021 because of their “prank.”

The Havre Daily News says that Captain Aaron Wittmer of the Havre Police Department said the students spent about 90 minutes in the building, throwing toilet paper and paper towels around, plugging toilets, and clogging drains with cereal. He also said plumbers found watermelon and other fruit stuffed into the plumbing system, and that students stacked more than 50 tires in front of the school's main entrance.

Wittmer said most of the suspects were caught on security cameras and have been identified. He said it will be up to the school district to press charges, which could include felony counts of burglary and, if the damage exceeds $1,500, felony counts of criminal mischief as well.

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