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Kenny Chesney Releases Song In Honor Of His Late Dog, And Proceeds Go To Charity

Kenny Chesney Releases Song In Honor Of His Late Dog, And Proceeds Go To Charity
Posted at 7:50 AM, Dec 13, 2022

Country singer Kenny Chesney has a soft spot in his heart for rescue dogs. That’s because his own pit bull Ruby, who recently died, was a rescue.

In honor of Ruby, Chesney has released a song he wrote about her, and all proceeds from the sale of the song will benefit Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Called “Da Ruba Girl” (Ruba is pronounced like “roob-eye”), the acoustic guitar-heavy tune lasts a little over six minutes.

It includes sweet lyrics like, “You needed her, she needed you/To hold, to help fill a space/Last in line, last cage at the rescue/It was a love that no one could replace,” and mentions Ruby’s best friend Poncho; her love of Frosty Paws popsicles and chasing away squirrels, turkey and deer; and her dislike of the lawnmower.

Chesney tweeted the announcement on Dec. 8, the day before releasing the song.

“No one had a bigger, bolder heart than Ruby,” he wrote. You can see the full message below.

Chesney had not previously released “Da Ruba Girl,” but played it on his SiriusXM No Shoes Radio channel, where it became popular.

“People loved the song, I think, because they all knew a dog who had the same kind of spirit or heart, you know, the kind who was an underdog, who wasn’t the obvious choice,” he told People.

Chesney chose to donate to a dog rescue because he says stray dogs can be harder to find adoptive homes for.

But when they do, the singer said, “it seems like they rescue their people far more than they’re actually rescued. They give so much love, so much joy and loyalty. People don’t realize that, so these dogs have a much harder time getting adopted.”

On Dec. 9, Chesney also posted a photo of his beloved dog, writing, “Losing Ruby has left a hole there are no words for.”

When Ruby passed, Chesney wrote about how his longtime girlfriend, Mary Nolan, was the one to pick her out from the shelter.

“Ruby lived her life never holding anything against anybody. She had an ancient, calming soul. She was honest and authentic,” he posted to Instagram. “Ruby loved the sun and how it felt on her face. She and I had that in common. Today I know Ruby is sitting somewhere with the sun on her face happy and grateful to have slipped her skin and body that was full of cancer.”

You can hear the song on YouTube.

You can buy the song on any streaming music service. If you’d like just to donate you can go to Chesney’s website.

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