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Lyft Gives Free Rides To Job Interviews And Work During New Hire’s First 3 Weeks

Lyft Gives Free Rides To Job Interviews And Work During New Hire’s First 3 Weeks
Posted at 5:30 AM, Nov 07, 2022

Not having reliable transportation is just one of the obstacles that can prevent job seekers from attending interviews or even making it to work.

Indeed, the popular online job-listing site, is hoping to provide a solution to that by partnering with Lyft, Goodwill and United Way to offer free rides to job interviews, job training programs and a new hire’s first three weeks of work. Lyft Up’s job access initiative includes free rideshare, bike or scooter access to those who qualify.

To take advantage of the initiative, you must live in one of the 20 cities where the program is currently available, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and St. Louis. To see if you qualify, simply fill out a form on Lyft’s website.

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Providing rides to interviews and jobs is just one component of this program. Specific Goodwill sites will also offer rides for criminal record-expungement services, while Indeed and the nonprofit PCs for People will be offering 10,000 free computers and mobile hotspots to eligible job seekers.

Most computers and mobile hotspots will be distributed through organizations like Goodwill, but some will be available directly through PCs for People. To be eligible, you must be currently participating in a government-based assistance program or have a qualifying household income (less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines or 60% of area median income). You can see if you are eligible for this program by visiting PCs for People’s website.

Through service providers such as Texas Fair Defense ProjectGoodwill Industries of Kentucky and East Bay Community Law Center, Indeed says it will also be helping to provide free legal assistance required to clear and seal eligible criminal records. To see if you’re eligible for this part of the program, visit Indeed’s website.


If your city is not on the list for the free rides program, Lyft encourages you to check out GoodwillUnited Way and Indeed‘s other resources that can help you find employment and potentially get help securing a job.

By Kaitlin Gates, for Newsy


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