Man reunited with dogs that were rescued from steep cliff face in Butte

Posted at 8:54 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-10 15:45:38-04

It was a happy reunion for an Anaconda man and his two dogs this week, who were recently rescued off the side of a steep cliff in Butte.

Anton Rowe had to rehome his two dogs over a week ago after he said his wife gave him an ultimatum – either the dogs go or she goes. He gave the dogs to a woman in Butte, and later saw a Facebook post of his dogs being rescued.

“It had the whole rescue operation and showing them on the cliff side and everything and you don’t want see your dogs that you cared for in that kind of situation,” said Rowe.

On Sunday, the Butte Animal Control, firefighters and members of the 15/90 Search and Rescue responded to the cliff on a pair of stranded dogs.

A firefighter was lowered down on a harness and was able to safely bring the dogs to the top.

“They were happy to be up there, and we gave them lots of love and some treats and they were happy to come here to the shelter and get warm, because is was snowing and raining and everything up there as well,” said Butte Animal Control Officer J.D. Santifer.

Rowe said he’s grateful to the first responders, “The fact that people went out there and they were willing to do what they were willing to do to get them off of that, that’s amazing and I’m really grateful for that.”

This time, the dogs staying for good: “I never really wanted to get rid of them, my wife ended up leaving anyway, so having the dogs back home is going to be a good thing for me,” Rowe said.