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MOVED: Wordle has new home at New York Times

Posted at 8:01 AM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 10:01:36-05

NEW YORK CITY — Wordle, the five-letter guessing game sensation, has officially made its move to the New York Times website, weeks after it was announced the news giant had purchased the applet.

The game is simple; enter five-letter words in six tries or less in order to determine the one chosen by the game's computer.

A letter tile that turns green means you picked the right letter in the right position; a letter with a yellow background can be found within the word, but you need to put it in its correct position. A black (dark grey in the NYT version) tile tells players the letter is not anywhere within the word.

True to their word, Wordle remains free to play on the domain; several of their word games are free but require a digital subscription to access archived puzzles.

Wordle was acquired from its creator, Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, for a price the Times would only reveal was “in the low seven figures."