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The new Lego Insect Collection has arrived, complete with a soundtrack

The new Lego Insect Collection has arrived, complete with a soundtrack
Posted at 7:25 AM, Sep 06, 2023

The latest Lego set is here to usher in some Zen. Lego’s newest drop, the Insect Collection, comes with its very own ASMR playlist that you can enjoy while you build.

Created by Emmy-nominated foley artist Sanaa Kelley, the playlist features four original tracks that mimic the sounds of insects like the Hercules beetle and Chinese mantis.

Here’s the most amazing part: Kelley made the “Green Noise” playlist with nothing more than actual Lego bricks. You can listen here while you build the three displays from the Insect Collection, or anytime you just need some ASMR relaxation.


The new Insect Collection features three life-size insects in their natural habitats, including the Hercules beetle, the Chinese mantis and the Blue morpho butterfly. There are also two smaller “hidden” insects in the kit, but you will have to find (and build!) those on your own.

The Lego Insect Collection costs $79.99 and has 1,111 pieces. It is geared toward ages 18 years and up. The set officially goes on sale on Sept. 7, but if you are a Lego Insider (free to join here), you can pre-order the kit right now.

The Insect Collection is part of the Lego Ideas line. The line gives Lego fans a chance to submit their own designs for potential Lego sets, and then people can vote to support the design that they most want to see come to life. The July 2023 release Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage was a Lego Ideas winner (designed by Amber Veyt) and the Home Alone: McCallister’s House (designed by Alex Storozhuk) also became part of the Lego Ideas collection.

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Now, it is José María Pérez Suero’s time to shine. The Lego-lover came up with the idea for the Insect Collection thanks to his combined love of nature and Legos.

“I studied science and fine art and have always been fascinated with the intricate details of the natural world,” Suero said in a statement. “Also, as a lifelong Lego fan who has come up with a range of new set ideas before, I find inspiration for new builds through my hobbies, which include photography and nature.”

You can watch Lego Ideas designer Suero build his Insect Collection on his YouTube channel here:

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