Sperry Chalet standing strong against heavy late winter snows

Posted at 2:04 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 16:04:07-04

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK – The walls of the fire-damaged Sperry Chalet are standing firm against heavy winter snows, keeping hope alive that the historic location can be rebuilt. 

A new overflight of the Chalet, which was gutted in the Sprague Fire in Glacier National Park last summer, shows the building filling with snow, but the braced walls remaining upright, despite snowfall which could be as much as 40-feet deep.

With funding help from the Glacier National Park Conservancy, the scorched walls were braced last fall with hopes they would withstand the snow, giving the Park a chance to reclaim the walls and use them as the foundation for rebuilding the chalet. 

This latest overflight shows the interior of the roofless building nearly full of snow, which has continued to pile up since the last overflight in February. And there’s no evidence of an avalanche coming near the building, which is always a concern given the chalet’s location.

Glacier National Park is working on preliminary designs to rebuild the chalet, although it will probably be another season before that project can be completed. The Conservancy is continuing to raise money for the rebuilding. 

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