Montana soldiers learn skills that can save their lives

Posted at 4:49 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 18:49:26-04

GREAT FALLS – When a group of soldiers from the Montana National Guard get ready for deployment – most go through a series of training scenarios before they head overseas.

Master Sergeant Adam Bell helps teach these men and women an important skill that can save their lives. 

“We are teaching the 495th some basic combat skill techniques,” Bells said.

Bell went through his first training 10 years ago to be able to teach hand to hand combat skills. In 2010, Bell became the combat master trainer.

“We have designed a program for pre-deployment training. Four eight hour blocks of training that get them ready to go down range,” Bell said.

During the training, they focus on what the Army calls a basic fight strategy. That is to survive, transition, and finish the fight.

“That helps us defeat what we call the universal fight plan, which is kind of ingrained in everbody’s DNA,” Bell said.

After learning some hand to hand skills, they group move onto weapon retention skills.

“We learn these every year and we want to make sure they have not lost some of these perishable skills set,” Bell said.

The goal is to make sure each and every soldier comes home from the deployment.

“Confidence is a big thing so if we can give them a little bit of confidence that goes a long way,” Bell said.

The 495th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion will be headed to central Asia sometime this summer

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