Equal Pay Day honored by Bozeman city officials, businesses

Posted at 7:20 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 21:20:38-04

BOZEMAN – April 10 is labeled around the nation as Equal Pay Day.

Last night at the City Commission meeting, Mayor Cyndy Andrus declared April 10 as Bozeman Equal Pay Day.

“The city encourages businesses to consider their own hiring, promotional and pay policies and hold them to standards that equal opportunity and gender wage equity,” said Andrus. 

Bozeman Business and Professional Women worked with 15 businesses to give a 26% discount to all women customers. This number symbolizes the current gender wage gap.

BPW Board Member Susan Neubauer was at the meeting to talk about the gap. She says this has been an issue for more than 50 years and is projected to be for another 50 years.

“That is unacceptable. Equal pay is good for everyone, and achieving it will improve the financial status of women, their partners and their children and our state nation and world,” she said. 

Out of the 90 of the city’s highest-paid employees, 81 of them are male. Andrus said they hope to close the wage gap by encouraging qualified women to apply for jobs.