Drug contamination testing continues at Missoula daycare center

Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 20:34:49-04

MISSOULA – Testing is continuing at the Missoula YMCA Learning Center after an employee was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of using meth in the facility.

The daycare has been closed since Wednesday so that drug testing at the facility can be performed.

Missoula YMCA Interim Director Heather Foster has released a drug sampling summary report received from Water Rights, Inc., a state-certified contractor. A total of 25 samples have been collected from the Learning Center.

Those tests include five instantaneous result samples with the remaining 20 results being tested at a lab in Salt Lake City. The full extent of the contamination at the YMCA Learning Center is still not clear, according to a news release with results expected to be returned by Friday.

YMCA officials say they continue to cooperate with Missoula County law enforcement during the criminal investigation. Foster says Missoula County officials have notified the Missoula YMCA that the organization — as well as families who use the Learning Center — are being considered victims following the incident.

Foster added that the Missoula YMCA is continuing to coordinate with a number of agencies and professionals to get and share accurate information with the community as quickly as possible.

"We are committed to transparency throughout this process. The safety of all children, staff, and guests in our programs continues to be our top priority," Foster said in the news release.

Autumn Sienna Heinz, 30, has been charged with three felonies; endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal mischief in connection with the case.

According to court documents, the Missoula Police Department received a phone call from a YMCA Learning Center employee on Tuesday stating that a possible drug kit had been found at the daycare.