Flood Potential Still High For May & June

Posted at 2:32 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 16:32:00-04

Flood potential is still looking high for SW Montana area rivers and streams heading into May and June. The above on demand STORMTracker video briefing has the facts and concerns with Chief Meteorologist Mike Heard.

Flood Potential Facts:

  • Mountain snow water for many (not all) snotel sites across SW Montana are running very close to max of record and some are well above max of record
  • Water year (Oct. 1st to present) precipitation trends across Montana are near to well above normal
  • La Niña? is weakening but continues to produce cooler and wetter than normal weather for most of Montana late winter into early spring
  • May and June are the two wettest months on average and most observation sites typically can see 2" to 4" of rain per month
  • Flood severity will greatly depend upon how the mountain snowpack comes out in the next 30 to 60 days

Mountain snotel sites with impressive SWE (snow water equivalent) 

There are some exceptions, the Centennial Range along the MT/ID state line for example.


  • Now is the time to prepare for possible flooding issues in May or June especially if you live in a flood prone area near any river or stream in SW Montana. 
  • Have an action plan ready in case you need to suddenly escape fast rising waters.
  • Monitor the weather forecasts frequently.
  • Mitigate any issues to ensure water flows away from structures, home and live stock like ditches and culverts.
  • Flood insurance takes 30 days to kick in so get your policy updates as soon as possible. 
  • Download the KBZK STORMTracker Weather Mobile app for free to get the latest weather forecasts and Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.