Ramsay truck stop gets approval, despite community opposition

Posted at 6:47 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 20:47:28-04

BUTTE – The trucks will have a place to stop in Ramsay. Butte’s council of Commissioners blocked an effort Wednesday by some residents of this small community to prevent a large Love’s Travel Stop from building a truck stop near the town.

Residents wanted the commissioners to approve an interim zoning of this land East of Ramsay that would stop the project. The town of about 60 residents want a public hearing to voice their objection.

“All we want is an open public forum where both sides can honestly discuss and we can talk about safety issues and things like that,” said Ramsay resident Jim Ayres. 

However, an attorney for Love’s noted that there is no emergency situation warranting the zoning change and warmed there could be legal action if this deal between Love’s and the private land owner is disrupted.

“There’s no development, development stops in its tracks, so that property owner has to wait until that process runs its course, so we have to be cognizant that severe consequences are associated with this process. We want to be careful about due process and the way this process works,” said Missoula attorney Bill Van Canagan.

Many residents of this small community of Ramsay have objected to having a large truck stop located just across the street from them because they believe it will bring in more traffic, crime and depreciate their housing values.

Love’s representatives say they try to keep their stops safe and appealing,

“We keep our lots very well lit so they are inviting, so people can feel safe coming to our lots, we put fences around our lot to help keep the trash from blowing on our neighbor’s property,” said Love’s representative Steve Walters.

Residents are disappointed they didn’t get a hearing, but hope to keep challenging the project.