Montana Lottery announces recent winners

Posted at 10:09 AM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 12:09:22-04

The Montana Lottery has published a list of some recent winners, saying that it has awarded $97,880 in cash prizes since May 30.

Tammy Stevens of Great Falls claimed a $15,000 prize on June 4 playing Cash Wheel, a Montana Lottery Scratch ticket. The winning ticket was bought at the Loaf ‘N Jug on 2nd Avenue North in Great Falls.

Debra Ford of Bigfork claimed a $10,000 prize on June 4 that she won playing Mega Millions. Her winning ticket was bought at Bigfork Stage Stop on U.S. Highway 35 in Bigfork.

Larry Hicks of Glasgow claimed a $15,264 prize on June 11 that was won playing Big Sky Bonus. His winning ticket was bought at Reynolds Market on Klein Avenue in Glasgow.

Sherri Sims of Billings claimed a prize of $7,616 on June 11 that was won playing $hake A Day, one of the Montana Lottery’s Treasure Play games. Sims won while playing at Doc & Eddy’s Liquor Store on 15th Street West in Billings.

Kevin Kylberg of Marion claimed a prize of $50,000 on June 19 that he won playing Powerball. His winning ticket was bought at Bitterroot Quick Stop on U.S. Highway 2 West in Marion.

This list contains only prizes claimed since May 30 greater than $5,000.

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