Billings trustees fire teacher following report of inappropriate conduct

Posted at 3:39 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 17:39:37-04

BILLINGS – Trustees for Billings School District 2 unanimously approved the firing of a veteran, tenured teacher Monday based on complaints of his conduct with students that date back more than a decade.

Teacher Glenn Kanvick was terminated on the recommendation of Superintendent Terry Bouck, who detailed alleged misconduct, including inappropriate sexual comments to female students, in a five-page letter the board.

In the letter, Bouck stated that Kanvick engaged in "unbelievable inappropriate and damaging conduct" and lacked the basic skills necessary to be an effective teacher. He was first hired in the early 1980s and began teaching motor vehicle-related classes at the Career Center.

Bouck based his recommendation on an investigation by Michelle Smith, an independent outside investigator hired by the district in May after a student reported to administrators that Kanvick had made inappropriate comments to her. The teacher was placed on administrative leave.

Smith interviewed 33 people, including teachers, students and administrators, and reported several examples of inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to students, according to Bouck. 

The superintendent also noted that concerns about Kanvick first arose in 1999, when a supervisor questioned in an evaluation his teacher-student relationship, management of student behavior and interpersonal relationships.

At the board meeting, both Kanvick and his union representative, Scott McCulloch, testified. Kanvick can appeal the termination.