Fire chief weighs in on firework safety

Posted at 7:59 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 21:59:59-04

With July Fourth approaching it’s important to be safe when shooting off fireworks. MTN’s Carson Vickroy sat down with Central Valley Fire Chief Ron Lindroth to talk firework safety.

Lindroth said closely following the instructions on the firework box is very important for you and small children.

“Quite often fireworks are given to children or unsupervised, and that’s probably the most dangerous thing to happen with fireworks,” said Lindroth. “Quite a lot of number of injuries with children to eyes, hands and fingers are seen across the nation because of unsupervised fireworks.”

When lighting fireworks it’s always safe to have a bucket of water nearby, just in case.

“You know, wherever you choose to light off your fireworks check the surroundings make sure there’s no flammable vegetation, close buildings that can catch on fire, have either a bucket of water fire extinguisher or garden hose that can cover that area, when you’re done with your fireworks, make sure they’ve been put into a bucket of water to fully extinguish them and pick up after yourself just to be courteous and not to leave firework residue around other people’s property especially,” Lindroth said.

But with many people camping over the holiday, it’s a good idea not to bring fireworks into the woods.

Wildfires have been known start due to the illegal use of fireworks in national forests like the 2012 fire in Beartrap Canyon.

“That said we always want to make sure that our campfires are fully extinguished that fireworks are not ever lit in an area of grasses or timber. There are illegal on forest service and state lands so remember that as well.” Lindroth said.

Dry weather is forecasted for the fourth of July so officials urge you to be extra cautious.