Man dies in motorcycle crash near Elmo

Posted at 11:31 AM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 13:31:59-04

A man died after crashing a three-wheel motorcycle along Montana Highway 28 near Elmo.

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jeremy Lee said the man was driving south on Highway 28 around 12 p.m. on Sunday when he went off the road, and his vehicle rolled.

The man is from out-of-state and his name has not yet been released.

We will update you with any new information.

UPDATE: Michelle Martino was the first to arrive at the crash site, and shared the following information on Facebook:

I started looking for his wallet and found it in his front jeans pocket. We met Harry (I’m not sharing his last name); an 83 year old man from CDA, Idaho. Fred checked Harry’s pulse again….it got very weak and I noticed his lips were turning blue. We agree not to move him, as he was laying on his side and likely had a broken neck and there was blood on his face. I place my hand on his arm, talked to him, asked him to hold on and that help was coming. I also told him that it wasn’t his time and that we’d take care of him.

Fred was looking around for anything that might help and then we noticed cars miles away in the distance and decided Fred would stay with Harry and I’d run back to the highway to flag down help. 

I stopped the first car, a white small sedan and told her to get to 93 and call for help. I also told her it was a motorcyclist down, unconscious and that we were on hwy 28 at mile post 41 (just about every car that came by is from out of state). After flagging down several more cars hoping someone would have medical knowledge or a satellite phone I found a volunteer fireman from another county. He went up to assist Fred….which was to keep Harry company. After several more vehicles a man pulling a trailer said his wife was in the car behind him and was a doctor, Tara.

I asked Tara to help us and told her the problem. She grabbed her recitation mask and followed me up to Harry. Fred said he’d lost the pulse. Tara dropped to her knees and tried to find a pulse. Tara, Fred and the volunteer fireman rolled him on his back and I held his head. Our volunteer fire fighter offered to assist her and she began CPR. His face was now purple, Tara asked us if we objected to her stopping CPR and we all agreed it was ok. Harry was gone at 11:57 AM.

The volunteer fireman left as there was nothing else he could do. Tara, Fred and I waited another 30 min or so before we saw emergency lights off in the distance.

In the end, the State Troopers figure Harry must have suffered from a heart attack. There were no skid marks and it was too late in the morning for deer or big horn sheep (who were way up on the slope watching us) to be moving across the highway. We think Harry simply had a heart attack or other medical emergency, lost consciousness, veered across the opposing lane, down the steep ravine, up the other side, went air born, took out the barbwire fence, land about 30’ feet away from the ravine, bounced airborne again, landed another 15’ feet away, the bike rolled on on its side and Harry was thrown about 20’ from where his bike came to rest.

This is the second, and hopefully last time in my life, that I have been with an accident victim in their final moments as they left earth. I hope Harry knew we were there for him in his final moments and we did all we could to make him comfortable.

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