Another blast on the Fourth of July: Butte celebrates Independence Day

Posted at 10:43 AM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 12:43:58-04

BUTTE – Mild temperatures brought out creatures big and small for Butte’s famed Fourth of July Parade, where people lined the streets to hear music and see scores of colorful floats.

There was even an Elvis sighting.

When asked: "You are the King of Rock and Roll, aren’t you?" one parade participant had quick answers.

“ Yes I am,” said Michael Peck.

If I’m dancing to the Jailhouse Rock and I can’t find a partner, what do I do?

“Just move your hips,” Peck said.

What is it that you practice?

“Tae Kwon Do,” said 12-year-old Kyla Marshall-Evans.

Sen. Jon Tester said about marching in Butte’s parade, “You’ve got to be in Butte on the Fourth of July, you know, this is where it all started for Montana and helped wire this state and wire the country and it’s just a great parade, great people.”

Hillary McIntosh agreed this is the place to be.

“I don’t (go) anywhere but Butte, Montana, for the Fourth of July. Even though I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, now,” McIntosh said.

Kelly Sandoval of Butte really enjoyed the parade saying, “It was good this year there were a lot of kids in it made it a good family event for you to take your kids to.”