“High on Life” members killed in fall, previously charged with trespassing on Yellowstone hot spring

Posted at 10:54 AM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 12:54:12-04

Two Canadian video bloggers who received jail time for walking on Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park are dead after their latest outdoor adventure.

An announcement about the deaths of Megan Scraper, Alexey Lyakh, and Ryker Gamble came on the “High On Life” group’s Facebook page.

The three reportedly died on July 3, their bodies were found by Canadian Federal Police at the bottom of a 100-foot waterfall. The trio was allegedly walking along the edge.

In May of 2016, Lyakh and Scraper were seen walking across the Grand Prismatic Springs in a video posted to the group’s page.

Shortly after the video showing them walking onto the spring went viral, they deleted several videos and social media posts, which were flooded with comments expressing outrage over their actions. Through the use of social media and tips from the public, additional investigations were conducted about the group’s activities on other federal lands.

The High On Life group was subsequently issued violation notices from Zion National Park, Death Valley National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Corona Arch (BLM), and Bonneville Salt Flats (BLM).

The group, consisting of Cross, Heuser, Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh, and Justis Cooper Price Brown, were the subject of several investigations by the U.S. National Park Service and the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Scalding water underlies much of the thin, breakable crust around hot springs like Grand Prismatic Spring. Many hot springs are near or above the boiling point and can cause severe or even fatal burns. More people have been injured or killed in hot springs than any other natural feature in Yellowstone. A man died in June 2016 at the Norris Geyser Basin when he walked off the designated boardwalk, slipped, and fell into a hot spring.