Woman charged with child endangerment after Great Falls DUI

Posted at 3:33 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 17:33:13-04

Crystal Dawn Warner faces several charges after allegedly driving under the influence with two minors in the car.

According to court documents, a Great Falls Police officer who was patrolling 5th Street South on July 7 noticed a car pull on to the street and cross three lanes of traffic without using any turn signals.

The car then turned left onto 3rd Avenue South once again without signaling. The officer followed the car and saw it make a wide left turn from 3rd Avenue South onto 6th Street South without using a turn signal.

While the officer followed, the driver turned on a right-turn signal to turn eastbound onto 1st Avenue North even though only westbound traffic was allowed at that intersection.

The driver turned off the turn signal and continued northbound on 6th Street North while also continuing to cross the fog line.

When the officer stopped the car along 6th Street North, the car pulled towards the curb at an angle rather than parallel.

The driver, identified as Warner, was unable to find her driver’s license when the officer asked even though the officer observed the license sitting on the passenger seat.

The officer also noticed that Warner had glossy, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech and he detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her.

The documents continue that when questioned, Warner admitted to having three or four beers. She had two minors under the age of 10 in her car.

Warner agreed to perform standardized field sobriety tests and showed indicators of impairment on all tests. She also agreed to get a blood sample drawn and while at the hospital, told the officer she had smoked marijuana earlier that day.

Warner has been charged with two felony counts of criminal child endangerment and two misdemeanors including unsafe turn and required position and method of turning at intersections.

Court documents indicate the following charges are to be dismissed: driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, operation of noncommercial car by person with alcohol concentration of 0.08 ore more, and aggravated driving under the influence.

Warner has no known criminal history.

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