Supaman fires up crowd as Red Ants Pants enters second day

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-28 19:48:04-04

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – Thousands of people piled into the cow pasture in White Sulphur Springs as the second day of the Red Ants Pants Music Festival welcomed Montana native Supaman to the main stage.

“Oh man it was like heaven out there, the energy was through the roof. You couldn’t ask for a better crowd,” said Native American Music Artist and Dancer Supaman.

Event staff for the festival said this was the most packed they had ever seen the main stage for a Saturday opener. It was clear by Supaman’s energy, rhythm and punch-line jokes he wanted to put on a great show.

“You know, be on that stage with Montanan’s and non-natives, you know, embracing it. Embracing the culture of native and listening, and just vibing off of it means everything,” he said.

Even though he traditionally performs rap and hip-hop, he did a little of everything today. He said it was important for him to get the audience involved and keep the high energy going.

For Denise Kriesch, she couldn’t imagine the opening act being any better.

“I think that really, I was crying so that was an experience,” said Kriesch.

Supaman closed out his set by leaving the crowd with some words for thought.

“Live in the moment. Love one another, be respectful, honor, peace, kindness that is what it is all about," said Supaman.

Supaman is the only Montana performer to take the main stage for the festival weekend, with most of the Montana bands playing at the side stage.