A Unique Breed of Cattle being raised in Cascade

David Allen and Highland cow
Lil Valley Ranch
Posted at 5:04 PM, Sep 06, 2023

CASCADE — Here in Montana, we have more cattle than people. But even with the prevalence of cows, the Scottish Highlanders still stand out.

A Unique Breed of Cattle being raised in Cascade

They're the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world. David Allen has been the owner of Lil' Valley Ranch since 2017. His pride and joy are his highland cows.

Highland cows are known for their friendly and docile nature, all in a furry package.

"They've just got such a great personality and even our bulls you know we can we can work with our bulls and then, you know, they're not fired up and they're really easy to handle," noted Allen

With 30 head of cattle and more on the way, there's a lot of pride packed into his 80-acre ranch.

It's a family-owned operation, and the goal is to raise more and more each year.

"Yeah, we've sold a lot. We just shipped two to Idaho just last week. We're real proud of our our cattle and the temperaments that we have and how they react," said Allen

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