Bozeman students express concern over Christian athletic club’s alleged LGBTQ stance

Posted at 1:45 PM, Nov 13, 2019

UPDATE: 11/14/19, 9:20 PM - Robert J (Bob) Veroulis, the state director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, provided the following statement to MTN News: "All are welcome to participate in Fellowship of Christian Athletes activities and events. For 65 years, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been reaching athletes and coaches with its presence on many junior high, high school and university campuses as well as communities across the country and the world.

FCA leaders agree with the FCA biblical statement of faith and values that have been in existence for over six decades. FCA believes that all people are of great worth and value to God as they are made in His image, and should be treated with love, dignity and respect."


Some students at Bozeman High School say that a club that meets on campus discriminates against LGBTQ students.

The group is called The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a group of students urged Bozeman High School officials to stop sponsoring it.

The students claimed it discriminates against the LGBTQ community by requiring its members to sign a sexual purity pledge that forbids sex outside of marriage and homosexuality.

BHS students voiced their concerns Monday night at the Bozeman School board meeting.

“We understand that policy can only get us so far,” said Katherine Callow, a student at BHS. “But we found it concerning that a group can be openly discriminatory and have discriminatory views toward an at-risk community in a public school.”

The students who spoke at the school board meeting said they would like to see the local FCA chapter break away from the national club’s application that requires students to sign the pledge before joining.