Butte Family YMCA summer camp goes to Helena

Butte Family YMCA summer camp visits state Capitol
Posted at 5:51 PM, Aug 16, 2022

HELENA — The Governor fielded questions from about 50 young constituents Tuesday when the Butte Family YMCA summer camp visited the Montana State Capitol.

The group of third through sixth graders came up as part of a field trip with the summer camp. Before meeting with Gov. Greg Gianforte the kids met with Montana State Rep. Donavon Hawk, D-Butte, who is also the marketing and public relations coordinator for the Butte YMCA.

“(The kids) were pretty excited to see him," said Bev Coonrod, a supervisor for the YMCA. "They had never seen him the suit and they were like staring at him.”

Coonrod, who the kids call Ms. Bev, said the kids did well asking questions of the governor.

Talking with the crowd of children, the governor explained the three branches of government and explained his views on government.

Almost the entire time the group was in the Governor’s reception room, 8-year-old Asha Henne had her hand straight up in the air. She said meeting the governor was really cool.

“In the first few seconds I was speechless cause I never thought I would meet him," Henne said. "So I was full of questions. Like every minute I had a new question.”

The last time Ms. Bev was at the capitol she wasn’t much older than Asha, she said.

“So it’s been kind of exciting for me to revisit the Capitol and see the changes,” Coonrod said.