Canyon Ferry businesses prep for big holiday weekend ahead

kims marina.png
Posted at 4:07 PM, May 24, 2023

CANYON FERRY — We are less than a week away from what is for many the start of the summer season. That means camping and getting your boat back out on the water and this year the memorial day weekend will look a little different than it did in 2022.

Last year, right before Memorial Day Weekend, Canyon Ferry's water levels were 18 feet below average due to delayed runoff, and dry land sat under many of the docks.

On Tuesday, it was an entirely different scene. Places like Kim's Marina, on the north end of Canyon Ferry, are preparing for a crowd.

"We have a ton of people coming. I think the whole marina is booked, all the campsites are booked. We do still have some rental boats available, but there's a couple that are going to go out for rent," said Linnea Baysinger, a Kim's Marina community member.

This will be the start of the busy summer season for places like Kim's Marina, and for others that cater to people who want to spend more time on the water.

At High Country Boats, they've had a steady stream of customers wanting to get boats tuned up and ready throughout the spring.

"Everybody's getting their boats ready and going to have that first big weekend. Of course, we're buffered a little bit because of all the anglers in our area. A lot of those anglers have already been getting out on the lakes, so they don't wait until the holiday. But this holiday is a traditional marker of the new season," said Ron Boggs, Sales Manager at High Country Boats.

In anticipation for the crowds, Kim's Marina will add additional slips to make extra room for people who may be late to book their spot.

"We're putting in some new slips on the end of the courtesy dock. We'll have plenty more room for everybody," said Lane Lobato, General Manager for Kim's Marina, "You guys should bring your friends and family, come out and have a good time out here at Kim's Marina."