Churches plan for phase one reopening

Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 02:05:39-04

It’s been tough for Lead Pastor Lance Steeves to stay connected with the people who attend Summit Church, while shifting to online services.

“It was definitely a learning curve and a chance to kind of say how can we connect with people and make them feel connected, when really, you’re apart?" said Steeves.

But it all hasn't been so bad, shifting to online has had some unexpected results.

“According to views and complete views, we’re actually growing in numbers and we have a strong online presence," Steeves said.

With Governor Bullock announcing phase one of reopening that includes churches, with conditions, what are they planning on doing to keep people safe after a recent conversation with the CDC?

“Setting chairs up at 6 feet a part where people have that safety in distance," Steeves said. "Sanitization to have hand sanitizer available. Stations set up where people are constantly cleaning. Shortening services, where it helps people to alleviate things like the restroom. We talked about perhaps closing down areas like the meeting places like around the coffee bar.”

But Steeves wants people to know, even when things open up, there will still be services online.

“I think the number one, for the soft launch is to allow people to know that we’re still going to be online and especially people who are elderly, people who have low immune systems to recommend that they stay home until we get the all clear,” said Steeves.

For Steeves, he’s just excited to see the people of Summit Church again.

“Can't wait," said Steeves. "(I) miss people, ya know there’s introverts and extroverts, I’m definitely a hugger. (I) Just miss that contact with people."