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Algeo has been charged with assaulting a woman in Great Falls

Posted at 3:46 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 17:46:45-05

Thomas Jay Anthony Algeo has been charged with assaulting a woman in Great Falls.

The alleged assault happened on Wednesday evening (December 4). A police officer was dispatched to the residence for a report of a family disturbance.

The woman, whose name is not being released, denied being assaulted, claiming that Algeo only shoved her, according to court documents.

However, the incident was captured on surveillance video inside the home; the police affidavit notes that the camera is located in the living room, and shows the living room and part of the kitchen; the camera is not hidden, and is in plain view.

A police officer reviewed the video and provided the following timeline in the charging documents of the incident:

  • 6:42 pm: Algeo removed the food tray a baby's high-chair, and the unbuckled the baby from the high-chair and stepped away.
  • 6:43 pm: The baby fell face-first from the chair, and Algeo picked the baby up. The woman and Algeo then began to argue.
  • 6:46 pm: Algeo put the baby on the couch, and the woman sat down on the couch.
  • 6:48 pm: The woman stood up with the baby in her arms, and she and Algeo continued to argue.
  • 6:50 pm: Algeo threw a car-seat onto the floor of the kitchen, and a minute later, swung his hand toward the woman and appeared to slap her.
  • 6:51 pm: Algeo violently shoved the woman while she was holding the baby; he shoved her so hard that she stumbled backwards. Algeo then moved toward her while she held the baby and appeared to put both his hands around her neck for about seven seconds; he also shook her while he did so.
  • At that point, the woman and Algeo went into the kitchen, which was out of view of the camera; they remained out of view for about one minute.
  • 6:52 pm: A family member arrived at the home and told Algeo to leave.

After reviewing the video, the police officer again asked the woman what happened; she repeated her initial statement and said she didn't remember being strangled or slapped.

She then took the baby to a medical facility to be assessed; there is no indication in the court documents that the baby sustained any serious injuries.

Algeo has been charged with strangulation of a partner/family member (felony), and partner/family member assault (misdemeanor). The court documents note that Algeo has no criminal record.