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Safety tips for your home ahead of wildfire season

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-12 15:51:58-04
Property should be cleared of leaves, mulch and pine needles and also trim trees that are close to homes. (MTN News photo)

KALISPELL – Flathead officials are offering up some tips on how to keep your property safe as we head into fire season.

Flathead County Fire Service Area Manager Lincoln Chute says that people should clear their property of leaves, mulch and pine needles as the dead debris is easy fuel for fires.

Chute also suggests trimming trees that are close to dwellings so that potential embers can’t easily jump from a tree to a home.

He told MTN News that doing all this work now could save your home from disaster later.

“And so if an ember hits a home it drops to the ground and lands on something that doesn’t ignite, it doesn’t hurt anything,” Chute explained.

But if it drops onto cedar, mulch or old leaves and pine needles it could start a fire which could then start your house on fire,” he added.

Chute also recommends that people keep the ground on their property moist as keeping your grass green makes it less susceptible in case of a fire.

Story by Maren Siu, MTN News