Great Northern Carousel is getting an upgrade

Posted at 8:37 AM, Mar 01, 2023

HELENA — The Great Northern Carousel is going to look a bit different the next time you’re there. With an overdue paint job, new games, and new food, the space is getting an upgrade.

“We always try to upkeep our animals, typically every couple years we come in and we get them all touched up and looking beautiful again. It’s actually been about four years with everything that’s been going on, so much overdue,” says General Manager of Great Northern Carousel, Keith Brugman.

The renovation process takes about 4-5 weeks and happens on the carousel’s off days, Mondays and Tuesdays. The painters work to repaint any chipped or worn color, repair dings, and coat the seats in order to protect them from wear and tear from normal use.

“Yeah, it’s amazing the wear that they get. You know, a lot of love from the community that gets these animals a little dinged up from time to time. But, you know, it’s, luckily we have great artists like Joe that come back in and get us all taken care of, so,” says Brugman.

Additionally, the carousel has removed booths in order to open up space. But they’ve also added some new elements. They’ve reintroduced food items with pizza, nachos, and popcorn.

And to bring in teens and young adults, the carousel has introduced an arcade.

So far, they have three arcade machines but plan on upping that to 6-10.

“Being able to bring arcade machines in, we’re already seeing where, you know, teenagers and even young adults are really enjoying it being a part of the Great Northern Carousel,” says Brugman.